Go-To Greens for Your Home

Give your space some natural life with shades of green, whether it be through paint, wallpaper, tile, upholstery or any other myriad of home decor.

By Heather Kane Kohler

Nov 2020

1. Thibaut, Amur W80433, $221 per yard at Bridge Upholstery | 2. Spicher and Company, Vintage Vinyl floor mat, $44 at The Market | 3. Peale Green by Benjamin Moore | 4. Sonoma, Euphoria Creekside Crackle tile, $93.50 per square foot at Unique Tile | 5. Schumacher Octavia Velvet in emerald, $390 per yard at Bridge Upholstery | 6. RM COCO, Leaf trim, $39.90 per yard at Bridge Upholstery | 7. Anna Elizabeth, Fern S2679, $128 per yard at Bridge Upholstery | 8. Thibaut wallpaper, AT 9688, $72 a roll at Bridge Upholstery | 9. Walker Zanger Pietta Donovan, Matilda Bangalay tile, $17 per square foot at Unique Tile | 10. Winding Vines by Benjamin Moore | 11. Adirondack Green by Benjamin Moore | 12. Schumacher, Gainsborough velvet in English green, $190 per yard at Bridge Upholstery | 13. Anna Elizabeth, Chalkboard S2868, $98 per yard at Bridge Upholstery | 14. Anna French, Herriot Way Embroidery, $145 per yard at Bridge Upholstery

It’s no surprise that green is a universally loved color. It’s relatable and fresh, and it goes with just about anything. Winter is a fabulous time to bring this hue into your space. It’s when we often need to breathe new life into our home, and what better way to do that than with colors inspired by the wilderness. From retro minty greens, to gray-greens, to dark forest greens, the color does well in several parts of the home. You could use mossy greens as neutrals for trim, paint cabinets a dark green hue for a pop of color, or paint your wall a moody green for a calming space. Mint green can be used playfully in kitchens and laundry rooms, and even on exterior elements like shutters. Bathrooms are a great place to play with green tile or accent walls as well. Bring the natural hue into living areas, bedrooms and dining rooms with wallpapers and fabrics in dynamic green prints. Whatever your current color schemes are, greens can probably complement them. The hue looks great with a variety of finishes: gold, brass, black or silver, and the same goes with woods. From dark woods to light, you really can’t go wrong.