5 Nostalgic Activities in Springfield & Branson

We found five local outings that will bring you back to your glory days—and make you feel like a kid again.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Mar 2019

1984 Arcade in Springfield MO
Photo courtesy ShutterstockTry your luck at getting a high score at 1984’s throwback arcade games.

Springfield Skateland

5163 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield
Practice your grapevine and your shoot-the-duck! Few things feel more old-school and analog than lacing up a pair of quad skates and hitting the hardwood. Maybe throw on some kneepads too.
Need an Excuse? Your company needs to do some outside-the-box team building.

Fun Acre

214 W. Glenwood St., Springfield
Fun Acre is the ultimate no-frills mini golf experience: minimal landscaping, aging fiberglass animals and mini-buildings, bright green faux turf. But for a super-cheap ($2.50 for adults!), low-key night that reminds you of your childhood, it really hits the spot.
Need an Excuse? You’ve been meaning to work on your short game.

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400 S. Jefferson Ave., Springfield
If the pings, dings and rings of a video game arcade and the jingle of a pocket full of change don’t bring you back, we don’t know what will. At 1984, you can play 1980s video games to your heart’s content. 
Need an Excuse? Someone’s going to get your kid addicted to pinball. It might as well be you.

White Water

3505 West Highway 76, Branson
We love how it feels to spend the whole day in your swimsuit, soaking up sunshine and flying down waterslides. You might be a little older and taller than the last time you bobbed in the wave pool, but the thrill is exactly the same. 
Need an Excuse? Come June, it’ll be really hot outside. Isn’t that excuse enough?

Jordan Valley Ice Park

635 E. Trafficway St., Springfield
There’s something a bit romantic about gliding out onto the ice, holding hands with somebody who (let’s be real) is probably just as likely to wipe out as you are. But that’s what makes ice skating such a fun date-night activity. Wiping out is hilarious, after all.
Need an Excuse? It’s leg day.

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