Joplin Greenhouse Coffee Shop

Play hooky one day and head to Joplin for an afternoon of pretty plants and tasty sips at Joplin Greenhouse, the town’s plant shop/coffee shop combo.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Sep 2021

Coffee stock photo
Photo courtesy ShutterstockJoplin Greenhouse not only offers a wide variety of coffee with everything from classic espresso drinks to flat whites but also a wide variety of plants.

Trendy greenery has been having a moment, hasn’t it? Joplin Greenhouse & Garden Center—with its on-site coffee shop—is one of the great places in 417-land to stock up on everything from easy-to-care-for snake plants to the ever-popular fiddle leaf fig. Stepping inside is like entering a little plant oasis. They roast their own coffee and offer classic espresso drinks (think cortados and flat whites) as well as creative lattes like the Orange Blossom, and orange-chocolate-coffee concoction. You can find savory items like breakfast bowls and sweet treats like bubble waffles topped with berries and whipped cream. So before you head home, grab something tasty for the road.

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