Treat Yourself with Spa Goodies

Our favorite local self-care finds.

By Colin Shea Denniston

Dec 2022

Photos by Brandon AlmsBarr-Co. bath bomb gift set, $44 at The Market Purchase Photo
Pj top
Photos by Brandon AlmsShow Me Your Mumu striped PJ set, $98 at STAXX Purchase Photo
Pj bottom
Photos by Brandon AlmsShow Me Your Mumu striped PJ set, $98 at STAXX Purchase Photo
Photos by Brandon AlmsJust the Strip mint nourishing oil, $16 at STAXX Purchase Photo
Photos by Brandon AlmsFloral bouquet, $55 at Fleur Floral Studio Purchase Photo
Photos by Brandon AlmsMatimade checked comb, $20 at STAXX Purchase Photo
Photos by Brandon AlmsFlow Dare to Dream Puzzle, $19.95 at Pagination Book Shop Purchase Photo
Photos by Brandon AlmsPeperomia Schumi plant, $12 at The Plant Room; Peperomia Hope plant, $18 at The Plant Room Purchase Photo
Face roller
Photos by Brandon AlmsJade facial roller, $18 at SOAP Refill Station; Gua Sha facial stone, $10 at SOAP Refill Station Purchase Photo
Photos by Brandon AlmsQwasabee checkered slippers, $26.50 at Harrison House Market Purchase Photo
Photos by Brandon AlmsMistral Citrus luxury soap, $10 at The Market; Mistral Pear Tart luxury soap, $8 at The Market Purchase Photo
Glass teapot
Photos by Brandon AlmsGlass teapot, $32.50 at Chabom Teas & Spices Purchase Photo

With the holidays over and the new year excitement fading, it’s easy to fall into a winter slump. And as much as I’d like to think spring is just around the corner, we’ve still got a few more months of fighting these cold weather blues. In need of a little pick-me-up? The booming wellness industry is here and ready to take you from drab to fab. Whether it’s stocking up on skincare or splurging on that luxury pajama set, it’s time to snuggle up with some self-care.

Hot Tip: Having live plants in your house can help boost your mood during the dreary winter months. Just remember to keep them (and yourself) hydrated.