See Some of the Ozarks Most Breathtaking Views While Hiking Centerpoint to Goat Trail

Trek to the tallest bluff face, Big Bluff, between the Rocky and Appalachian Mountains for some of the Ozarks' most breathtaking views on Centerpoint and Goat Trails.

By Vivian Wheeler

Oct 2019

Man looking over the Ozarks from Goat Trail
Photo by Brandon AlmsThe Goat Trail offers some of the best views in the Ozarks. There’s just one catch—the hike down is a breeze, but going back up can be rough. Purchase Photo

This trail might be called the Goat Trail, but we think it should be renamed the G.O.A.T. trail, as in Greatest of All Time, because we argue it leads to the best views in the Ozarks. But we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves. To get to the Goat Trail, you’ll have to start at the Centerpoint Trail. The trailhead is located across the street from the Centerpoint Horse Camp and is easily found from the parking lot. Hop on the trail, and you’ll find yourself making your way down more than 1,000 feet in elevation. The majority of the trail is through the woods and is fairly rocky, but the views at the end are more than worth the hike.

Once you’ve gone almost 3 miles you’ll reach a fork; go right to pick up the Goat Trail. From here it’s only a short walk to Big Bluff and some truly heart-stopping views over the Buffalo River. Be sure to go through the hole in the rock (you’ll know it when you see it), as the views really open on the other side. The hike back is a doozy, so rest up and refuel before climbing out.

Centerpoint to Goat Trail Information

2 hours south from Springfield, MO
Difficulty: Moderate | Length: 6 miles | Kid- and Dog-Friendly: Older kids only (and be careful with ledges)
The Big Payoff: Big Bluff | Photo-Op: Get a shot of the Buffalo River snaking through the trees 1,000 feet below.

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