10 Most Beautiful Women 2019

When Holli Thornsberry’s eldest son was diagnosed with autism at 18 months old, she didn’t panic. Instead, she acted.

From that moment on, Thornsberry became a champion for her son. She drove him to his speech, occupational and physical therapy appointments and introduced him to Camp Barnabas, all while catering to the needs of her three other children. She never balked, and she never feared for the future. “I really didn’t have the opportunity to feel sorry for myself or really be upset,” Thornsberry says. “It was more of ‘Where do we go from here?’ just to make sure he could turn out the best that he can be and [to] give him every opportunity.”

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Thornsberry focused on this each and every day—she sent her son to Camp Barnabas’ summer program and even helped launch a VIP program that allowed children with autism to participate in Crossfit. When one of the coaches of the program suddenly passed away, she honored his legacy by founding a local nonprofit the next week called the Nick Hostler Foundation.

In fact, founding this organization accurately describes the type of person Thornsberry is: a driven go-getter passionate about the people she loves. When her friend’s husband passed away, she contributed to the family’s nonprofit, Hannah’s Hope. When her daughter was diagnosed with diabetes, Thornsberry taught her how to feel empowered. “I think being a servant to other people, I don’t think there is anything better,” Thornsberry says. “Putting people before yourself, ultimately you will be the happiest.”

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