10 Most Beautiful Women 2019

Jamie Thomas, 35

Lives in: Springfield, MO
Vice President of Property Management, Enterprise Commercial Group
Charity: MS Society

There is no fear in Jamie Thomas’ eyes, though she’s experienced blindness, cognitive issues, migraines, neuropathy, numbness, extreme fatigue and interrupted speech. A petite woman standing just over 5 feet, Thomas fights a rare form of multiple sclerosis. She also fights every day to give 417-land accessible and affordable housing through her position at Prosperiti Partners, formerly known as Enterprise Commercial Group. 

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Since her diagnosis three years ago, Thomas has made numerous trips to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, but knows not everyone has the financial means to seek help. After 9 years in the property management industry, Thomas was tired of turning potential tenants away due to a bad credit score or past eviction caused by a major life disruption.

“Most of us are one major life event away from being in a tough spot, and it’s wrong to me that your financial background can determine your outcome,” Thomas says. She puts her words into action each day she heads into the office, pushing the fatigue away in the process. Since joining Prosperiti Partners, Thomas has grown the company’s combined 75 single- and multifamily units to 350, and she shows no signs of stopping.

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