10 Most Beautiful Women 2019

Lyra Sprenger is not afraid of the limelight. She began dancing at 3 years old, and she spent the bulk of her career professionally dancing around the world. She’s seen beauty in dreamy destinations like Poland, China, Germany, Austria and Italy, but according to Sprenger, there is no beauty like watching someone regain confidence.

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After she gave birth to her first child, Sprenger slowed down her fast-paced life. In addition to dancing part-time and choreographing, she began getting her debilitating acne under control and decided to help others do the same through Skin Confidence Coach, a small business offering skincare consulting with a special focus on regaining confidence. “People tell me all the time that it’s not about what’s on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside, and that is so true, and I believe that, but when you’re dealing with [debilitating acne], it makes a big difference.” Sprenger says. “[I want to] help them get to that point.”

Although Sprenger welcomes anyone who walks in the door, teenagers and young adults pull her heartstrings the most. Last year she started Confidence Club, a charity funded by 10 percent of the sales generated from her teenage acne line that gives free clinical skincare treatments to teenagers and young adults with debilitating acne. “If people aren’t confident, they can’t make change, they can’t influence other people,” Sprenger says. “I feel like that’s my mission.”

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