10 Most Beautiful 2014

We’re so excited to introduce you to the 10 winners—every single one of them gorgeous both inside and out thanks to their giving natures, goodwill, inspiring personalities or community involvement.

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Council director of Girls on the Run of Southwest Missouri
Charity: Girls on the Run of Southwest Missouri
Age 52

Trish Hopkins has always been an athlete. She ran track and briefly was a certified personal trainer, staying fit because she thought it was the right thing to do. Then she thought that volunteering was the right thing to do, too, so in 2008, she started a local branch of the national Girls on the Run organization. 

“I was initially attracted to Girls on the Run because of the running aspect,” says Trish. “I was so excited to teach these girls about fitness. But then I learned about the organization’s message for girls, and I started crying because the lessons about learning to love yourself were lessons I needed to hear, myself.”

As director of the Southwest Missouri council, Trish uses her years of quiet self-doubt, depression and her ability to overcome it all as an empowering example for local girls. “We talk to the girls a lot about balance. We want them to be very emotionally healthy as well as physically. In that way, my definition of beauty is being true to you and being okay with yourself. If I can teach that life-changing lesson to other girls, then I’m becoming better, too.”

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