The Other Kind of Groom

It’s your wedding day, and you’re going to look beautiful! But let’s not forget that handsome man standing next to you. Luckily, 417-land barber shops are here to make sure your hubby-to-be looks his best.

By Ettie Berneking | Styled by Abby Gust | Photo by Brandon Alms

Jun 2015


1. Control your locks with Dapper Barber’s Promenade Pomade, $17.

2. For a polished look without the appearance of product, try 18.21 Clay pomade, $24 at Rogue Barber.

3. Made with bamboo, this comb slides into a coat pocket no problem, $25 at Rogue Barber.

4. For a slicked-back look, use 18.21 Paste pomade, $24 at Rogue Barber. It smells like sweet tobacco and vanilla.

5. Enjoy your shave with handmade wooden brushes, $165 at Dapper Barber.

6. Get rid of that day-old stubble with the Parker Safety Razor, $29.95 at Dapper Barber. 

7. The 18.21 shampoo, conditioner and body wash fits into a mans streamlined grooming regimen, $24 at Rogue Barber 

8. For a quick style fix, stash this MoBeard  comb in your suit jacket, $10 at Rogue Barber.

9. This beard soap reuses Mother's Brewing Co. hops, which help maintain lather quality, $6.50 at Rogue Barber.

10. Made in Springfield, the handle makes this comb easy to hold, $35 at Rogue Barber.

11. For a softer beard, use MoBeard oil, $18 at Rogue Barber.  

12. For a luxurious shave, dip into the Parker Apothecary Shave Mug, $29.95 at Dapper Barber.

13. Refresh your skin with Dapper Barber’s Lilac after-shave, $17.