Real Tips from Real Brides

Throw the perfect wedding without the headache with these tips from 417-land brides.

By Rose Marthis

Jun 2016

Real Tips from Real Brides

“There will be many different opinions thrown at you. Take your time deciding. If you’re thinking about not wearing a veil or wanting to do something out of the ordinary, use wedding websites or magazines to see what other brides did.”—Brooke Lopez 

“Don’t just focus on planning your wedding. Prepare yourself to be the best wife you can be. Keep learning and growing. Don’t let your relationship slack under the pressure of the wedding because that’s the whole reason you’re getting married! We had a great marriage counselor, and that has been wonderful. It really helped us learn more about each other, and it set us up for success instead of failure.”—Bregan Housley

“Try and go on a honeymoon. Even if it is a couple days at a local bed and breakfast, you deserve it for planning an awesome wedding.”—Brooke Lopez

“Do not procrastinate on anything! Even if you have a year to plan, that will be the fastest year of your life!”—Michelle Chapman

“Accept all the help you can get.”—Mariah Joshi

“Make it a priority for every guest to leave your wedding feeling loved. It’s a day about you, but it’s also a time and financial decision for others to attend your wedding! Try and think of ways to make them feel special for attending, even if it’s an intentional conversation.”—Brooke Tibbetts