Picture Perfect

On the hunt for the perfect photo op, we talked to several 417-land photographers to learn about their favorite and often secret destinations for snapping that flawless wedding or engagement pic. From the best brick wall to the most ideal grassy field, we

By Ettie Berneking | Photos courtesy DColeman Photography, Durrall Photography, Christine Bonnivier, Mark Neuenschwander with 9Art Photography

Dec 2013


1. “I like this spot near Grant Street and Chestnut Expressway because it is versatile in multiple lighting scenarios and is close to all the downtown venues. There is vibrant green grass under the bridge and large weeds in front of the bridge, so in one location you can get a little bit of all three types of backgrounds. I also like the mixture of field and urban structure.”—David Coleman with DColeman Photography

2.  “This spot is the side of the old Gateway Creamery in Joplin. The facade of the now-vacant building has numerous options for photos, which makes it a great stop for any photographer. From the front of the building to the big red staircase on the east end, this is one location that can provide a photographer and couple with a number of different looks. We definitely recommend checking it out!”—Aaron Durall with Durall Photography

3. “Springfield Lake provides a beautiful backdrop for engagement and wedding portraits. It offers lush woods, vast fields and, of course, the lake. Besides having plenty of options for photos, this spot is gorgeous any time of the year!”—Christine Bonnivier with Christine Bonnivier Photography 

4. “I see every wedding portrait shoot as a challenge, not only to capture a completely new blend of personalities but a challenge to capture a completely new location to suit that couple. I search out the unobvious in backgrounds, and it doesn’t have to be fancy. That textured wall in the alley, the mom and pop diner [pictured bottom right] across the street from the church or the nice deck in a neighbor’s yard—those are the kind of spots I’m always on the lookout for.” Mark Neuenschwander with 9Art Photography