A Guide to Hashtags and Geofilters

Sometimes the pictures your guests take can rival those of professional photographers. When the day is done, make sure you know how to find them.

By Sydni Moore

Dec 2016

A Guide to Hashtags and Geofilters

A couple looks their most beautiful on their big day, so it should come as no surprise that all the guests want a picture with the bride and groom.

Asking guests to send you pictures after your wedding and reception is easy, but getting them to follow through is not. Sure, you might have hired a photographer, but moments captured by friends and family are just as valuable. With the help of hashtags and, more recently, Snapchat, newlyweds can find all the special memories from their happy day in one central location.

Hashtags are a great way to find all the wedding related photos in one spot. You can use them to tag photos of dress shopping, the rehearsal, and other fun pre-wedding events. Brett Curry, co-founder and CEO of Online Marketing Giant, says it’s important, first of all, to create a hashtag that is as clear as possible. It’s a good idea to capitalize each word. For example, #JonesSmithWedding looks better and is easier to read than #jonessmithwedding. Curry also encourages creativity. “I think if your hashtag can be simple and catchy, that’s the real win,” Curry says. For instance, if your new last name is White, a Billy Idol reference is totally acceptable. #ItsANiceDayForAWhiteWedding is catchy and rock ’n’ roll. Plus, it’s fairly simple. 

Motivate your guests to share their posts and pictures on social media platforms, such as Instagram. Curry suggests holding a contest: The guest with the coolest picture taken and shared online receives a prize from the bride and groom. “Promote the hashtag for attendees,” Curry says. “Put it in your invitations, and post it visibly at the wedding and reception via posters.”

Snapchat has become a great tool for weddings, too. In early 2016, Snapchat began allowing its users to create and use their own geofilters. Geofilters are fun overlays that you can assign to a picture after you’ve taken one. They become available based on your location.

Pricing for Snapchat’s geofilters vary depending on how long you want guests to be able to use it and the amount of square footage in which you want it to be available.

Additionally, some websites customize your geofilters even further, which can up your costs. With this option, however, you can ensure your wedding colors or theme are incorporated into your filter, making it especially unique. Curry says geofilters are an awesome idea for weddings.

“Regardless of what tools you want your attendees to use, think it through, plan in advance and use good marketing principles,” Curry says. By incorporating media tools into your big day, you can find memories long after the bouquet has been tossed and the cake has been cut.