Homes of the Year 2023

Take a look at the winners of our 2023 Homes of the Year.


$2,000,000 or more  |  $1,000,000 to $1,999,999  |  $500,000 to $999,999  |  Less than $500,000  |  Best Renovation/Restoration

All entries will be viewed and selected by a panel of out-of-market judges in the homebuilding field. Each entry will be judged based on interior and exterior finishes, floor plan, sourced materials and written narrative among other details.

Rules & Guidelines


May 31: Entry period opens
August 10: Submission and entry fee deadline
September 1: Winners are notified by phone, and non-winners are notified by email
December: Winners are featured in the Winter 2023 issue of 417 Home.


We’re always working to make submitting nominations easier and less time-consuming. We ask that entrants provide a list of suppliers in advance (electrical, hardware, flooring, appliances, landscaping, etc.) to make the process more streamlined. As always, the 417 Home's Homes of the Year is a juried competition established to recognize exceptional home-building projects. All entries will be viewed and scored by an independent, out-of-market panel of judges.


• Submit all entries online using the form link beginning May 31, 2023.
• As you are preparing your entries, please take time to submit quality professional photographs and write a thorough description of the project, as this is what the judges use for scoring.
• Winners are featured in the Winter 2023 issue of 417 Home.


• Completion is open to individuals and firms currently working in the homebuilding, home design and architecture fields and have completed work in the 417 area code in Missouri.
• All design work, installation and/or construction must have been completed within the past three years.
• Projects may not have been previously featured in 417 Magazine, 417 Home or other local or regional publications.
• Each entry must include a completed online form, project statement, list of suppliers (electrical, hardware, flooring, appliances, landscaping, etc.), professional photographs and entry fee.


• Submit a minimum of eight (8) horizontal and/or vertical photos (.jpg or .png) at a maximum file size of 3MB each. Please include at least one exterior photo of the property.
• For any additional photos beyond the eight submitted online, share a link to the images, flash drive, CD or DVD with Jo Jolliff (, 417-883-7417, 2111 S. Eastgate Ave., Springfield, MO 65804). There is no upper limit to the number of images you can provide. Photos submitted in Microsoft Word or Powerpoint documents will not be accepted.
• Please name each file to identify the image. Please make sure all photos are rotated and right-side-up.
• Photography should be shot by a professional photographer, as these photos are what the judges use to score the space. High-resolution images should be taken with professional lighting and edited with no excessive filtering. The photographer must agree to release rights to allow submitted photos to be printed in 417 Home.
• Please include contact information for the photographer—this will help make the process smoother.
NOTE: If you need professional photographer references, 417 Home can connect you with professional freelance photographers (i.e. not on staff at 417) who are familiar with the contest. Any freelance fees incurred are the responsibility of the contest entrant, and 417 Home is not involved in the transaction. Contact our art department (, 417-883-7417) for photographer recommendations.
• If you are chosen as a winner, 417 Home will reach out to obtain high-resolution, print-quality versions of any lower-res images submitted online.
• Floor plan, architectural renderings and blueprints can be helpful to include but are not required. (Must be digital files)


• Please upload a brief overview in paragraph form (300-word maximum) detailing the significant aspects of the project. The statement should discuss the project's design concept, the client’s goals and how the design, construction and materials worked together to meet the client’s goals. Tell us about any challenges encountered during the process. Please submit this in text format (.txt), as a Microsoft Word (.doc) file or as a Portable Document Format (.pdf). Please avoid including information that identifies this as your project (e.g. logos or mentions of your company name) so that entries remain anonymous to the judges.
• NOTE: If you need help with your write-up, 417 Home can connect you with professional freelance writers (i.e. not on staff at 417) who are familiar with the contest. Any freelance fees incurred are the responsibility of the contest entrant, and 417 Home is not involved in the transaction. For writer recommendations, contact Jo Jollliff (, 417-883-7417).


If submitting multiple entries, complete and submit an online entry form and all accompanying entry requirements for each one. Entries cannot be combined, but entry payments can be processed one time for the total of all entries to simplify payment.


• Entry fee is $40 each for the first four entries. Each additional submission is $25.
• Use the payment field on the entry form to submit your payment. Entry fees may also be paid by credit card (Visa©, MasterCard© or Discover©) over the phone by calling J.J. Massey (417-883-7417). Or by clicking the "Pay Online" link included in your invoice, which can be emailed to you.
• Entry fees will also be accepted by mailing or dropping off a check to the 417 Magazine office (417-883-7417, 2111 S. Eastgate Ave., Springfield, MO 65804). Make checks payable to 417 Magazine.
If you'd prefer to pay by credit card over the phone or with a check, please contact Jo Jolliff ( for an alternative entry form. 


Entry materials will not be returned due to the high volume of submissions received. Failure to comply fully with contest rules may result in disqualification. The entry fee is non-refundable. 417 Home is not responsible for lost, stolen, ineligible, misdirected, damaged, mutilated or postage-due entries. Winning submissions become the property of 417 Home. Entrants should not submit photographs they do not own outright. NOTE: The property owner must agree to allow 417 Home to photograph their home.


Contact Heather Kane Kohler at or 561-246-9664.