Mobile Mixology: Southwest Missouri's Mobile Bartenders

Looking for a way to make your wedding different and unique to you? Replace the traditional permanent bar with a custom bar service on the go!

by Jenna Murray, Jordan Blomquist

Nov 27 2023 at 8 a.m.

Traveling Tin Co. mobile bar
Photo courtesy Sheri Holloway

Mobile bars have become super popular in recent years. After all, what’s cuter than a little trailer doling out custom cocktails to fit the aesthetic of your day? Here are three to try.

Party Party Co.

Pro Tip: Owner Laura Head Elliott says many couples focus on creating something that all their guests will enjoy. “Pick the things that you love—the flavors that you love,” she suggests instead.
Be Sure To Avoid: “Less is more,” Elliot says. When it comes to the amount of drinks or ingredients included in the recipe, a simplified menu works best.
Find Your Style: Party Party Co. hosts a tasting event for couples to create the perfect signature cocktails or mocktails for their wedding. “The couple is able to taste the drinks, see the drinks, see the garnishes, and then they can hone in on what is going to be their favorite,” she says.

Happy Nomads Mobile Bar Co.

Pro Tip: “Keep [the menu] simple. It’s going to save on your overhead costs, it’ll be easier for your guests to decide and keep the lines down, and it’s usually a little less chaotic behind the bar and things can be set up prettier,” owner Lauren Moss says.
Be Sure To Avoid: Don’t try to please everybody. Moss suggests not stressing about planning around all the guests’ likes and dislikes. “Everybody’s going to be happy no matter what because they’re at your wedding,” she says.
Find Your Style: The menu is entirely customizable. Moss says they create custom framed menus, with the option of traditional drink names, the couple’s names, their pets’ names or whatever they would like. “We’ll send over a questionnaire, get a feel for what you're looking for, then we always chat with you about what’s important to you,” she says.

The Traveling Tin Co.

Pro Tip: Owner Amanda Stowell considers the design and style of the wedding and starts with one favorite type of spirit to base the menu off of. “Think about if there’s anything you had on vacation that you loved, or something that reminds you of a good memory or a good time,” she says.
Be Sure To Avoid: Don’t forget to consider the nonalcoholic drink menu too. That should include water and soft drinks but could also be a unique mocktails menu.
Find Your Style: Stowell says they build off what the couple already has in mind. She is always looking for new recipes to suggest to clients, often based on the couple’s tastes, the style of the wedding and what season the wedding will take place in. “We’ll just look for fresh ideas, something that we think is good,” she says.