Table Talk

Table Talk: January 11–17

This week: This week: A trip to a maple syrup farm, new brews deserve a taste, flavor pockets called empanadas and more Mexican food for all.

By Jorge Cespedes

Jan 11 2022 at 8 a.m.

Beer from Wire Road Brewing Co.
Photo by Leah StiefermannSample new brews from Wire Road Brewing Company from January 17. Purchase Photo

New Brewery, New Flavors

I love the fact that there is always room for one more brewery in our area. Wire Road Brewing Company is located on 4453 S. Timbercreek Avenue in Battlefield, and they are one week away from opening their doors to the public. The official date is January 17, so here’s a few of their brews to get you excited about it. With unique names such as Spirit Horse, a hazy and hoppy IPA; Cool Hand Kolsch, a malty and well-balanced quencher; No Mo’ Worries, an American IPA perfect for that after work chill; or Lyrical Poet, a dark and robust vanilla porter with a smooth and velvety finish. Go check them out next Monday and see for yourself.

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Empanadas for All

Argentinian-style empanadas are a classic of South American cuisine. They are baked and filled with all sorts of delicious flavors, normally with a heavy Italian flavor cue due to the heavy influence of early Italian immigrants that moved to the area. We had written about Pampa Empanadas before, but they are now open and ready for business at a new location with a multitude of flavors ready for you to try. On the meat side, the flavors range from classic super seasoned beef to BBQ chicken, to pork and a Cuban play on the sandwich, cheeseburger and even some spicy options. They also have cheese based like a caprese, cheese and onion, cheese and mushroom and finally the sweet ones, these will be so unique and delicious, with flavors such as dulce de leche, Nutella and guava.

Let’s Talk Maple Syrup

It’s kind of funny that I’m writing about this at the moment because I was just reminiscing on the first time I ever visited a maple syrup farm in Vermont, and now here comes this super-cool and unique experience for you and your family to go check one out right here in our backyard. 37 North Expeditions is hosting a hike trip at Rockwoods Reservation for all who want to have an exciting and super-tasty day. On the trip. you’ll visit a maple farm where you’ll learn how to tap a tree for sap and also how to boil and cook it down for syrup and much more. Check their website for more information on the specifics of the trip.

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Los Michoacanos Expands

In December 2019, Carmen Vilches and Adrian Garcia open a restaurant called Los Michoacanos Garcias, and as you can imagine, it wasn’t the easiest of startups based on the fact that they were just months away from getting hit with COVID and all that it entailed. But perseverance and hard work always win, and here they are opening up a second location at one of the busiest corners in town, Glenstone and Sunshine—1779 S. Glenstone Ave., to be exact. Some of you may recognize this location for it was where El Charro use to be located. As many other of your favorite Mexican restaurants, they have a nice soup and broth selection with options such as pozole rojo, all of the chicken, pork and steak options you are used to and much much more. It’s always good to have more options for your favorite food.