Table Talk

Table Talk: February 8–14

This week: Valentine's Day Best of 417 picks, meals around town, romance at Big Cedar and more.

By Jorge Cespedes

Feb 08 2022 at 8 a.m.

Brew Love and Sip Beer

Love can be shown in so many different ways; some of us are cocktail drinkers, some are wine drinkers, and some are craft beer drinkers. If your significant other, or your best friend or just you, are craft beer fans, here’s some super cool things to do for this upcoming Valentine’s. What about cookies and beers for a totally new kind of romantic evening at 4 by 4 Brewing? Follow the link to find out more. We also have a few Best of 417 options for outstanding beer menus around town that will help you beer-lovers out!

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Valentine’s To-Go

Let’s be honest, a lot of us prefer to do Valentine’s at home where we have a bit more control over the whole situation but there’s always the stress of what to make and sometimes it just ends up becoming a stressful situation instead of the romantic, beautiful and playful evening it should be. The crew over at Mama Jean’s Natural Market has a five-course Thai-inspired vegan dinner ready for you to pick up and take home. It’s always fun to change things up a bit and what better way than this right here.

Fancy Meals Around Town

I love going out to dinner at some of our best places around town and allowing the chef to take over the night and give us one heck of a culinary experience. Lucky for us, there’s plenty of that to go around in 417-land. Let’s start with dinner at The Ozark Mill where they will be offering a four-course, prix-fixe menu from Friday, February 11 to Monday, February 14, and the menu looks awesome. Spaces are filling up fast so make sure you book now! You know I can’t write this piece without talking about Progress and the really unique experience they’re offering for Valentine’s Day. It’s called Progress in Paris and it’s an all French-inspired menu with six courses and six wine pairings. But here’s the thing, they’re doing this on Wednesday February 16! This will allow lots of people to attend after their regular V-Day moments. Find a few more Valentine’s Day favorites here.

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Big Cedar Does Love

It only makes sense that this world-class resort, offers several lovely and delicious experiences for the holiday. With options like a Sweetheart Shooting Instruction for couples or the Galentine’s Day Celebration where you get to choose a design and create your own charcuterie board with wood burning tools! When it comes to dinner and drinks, three options are available. First is dinner at Top of the Rock with a four-course meal at Osage Restaurant, then you have Devil’s Pool Restaurant with another four-course meal that sounds easy and fun. Last but definitely not least, dinner at the wonderfully beautiful and frankly romantic, Worman House Bistro with a five-course dinner menu and optional wine pairing. Wow, so many delicious options.