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210 W Republic Rd.
Springfield, MO
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About Canna Bliss

Do you struggle with anxiety? Arthritis or acne? Insomnia or chronic pain? Canna Bliss is a brand new store on Republic Road, offering a more natural and effective approach as a first line of defense for your health care. They carry a full line of CBD oils (Cannabidiol) in tinctures, vapes, salves, capsules and edibles. They also carry essential oils and have an organic tea bar for customers to enjoy. And they haven’t forgotten about your extra family members—there’s a full line of CBDs for your pets’ anxiety, arthritis, seizures, behavior and loss of appetite. 

Canna Bliss took a hands-on approach to bringing CBD to Springfield. They flew to Colorado, toured the farms, viewed the labs and approved the formula so that they could be sure they were providing the highest-quality, most effective product. 

Their goal is to improve customers’ quality of life—no matter their age. Canna Bliss has recently opened and already helped a child as young as seven with sensory issues, college students dealing with stress and elderly customers who have given up on pharmaceuticals. Canna Bliss finds it incredibly rewarding to hear the remarkable stories of how these products have positively impacted customers’ lives, reducing pain and helping them function again. 

Visit their store to learn more and start your journey to improved health.