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Crighton Aesthetic Studio

Med Spas

None Dr. M Nanette Crighton, MD


1230 E. Kingsley St., Ste. C
Springfield, MO
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About Crighton Aesthetic Studio

What do clients look for when they choose where they go for their botox injections, their filler, their facials, their skin treatments, their skin care? Are they looking for the cheapest price? Do they care who is injecting the toxin into their face? Are they interested in someone who listens to what they want and helps them decide the best treatment for them? Dr. M Nanette Crighton at Crighton Aesthetic Studio—she is the one who talks to them when they make a consultation appointment for botox or fillers. She performs all the injections, including the anesthetic injections for MiraDry treatments. Instead of simply selling a product, she makes her first priority their skin health. She helps them understand where they have lost volume in their face and how to replace it without looking overdone. She helps them understand botox, where it needs to be placed so they don’t look frozen, and why they need a collagen-stimulating treatment added to their maintenance regimen. She individualizes each and every treatment. She is the Face of Botox after all and would love to take care of everyone!