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J.W. “Bucky” Buckner, MD, FACS
J.W. “Bucky” Buckner, MD, FACS


Ferrell-Duncan Clinic, General & Breast Surgery
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About J.W. “Bucky” Buckner, MD, FACS

For more than 25 years, J.W. “Bucky” Buckner, MD, FACS has been helping ladies and their families through the difficulty of dealing with breast cancer. As the first surgeon in southwest Missouri to perform ductal lavage and partial breast radiation, Dr. Buckner has devoted much of his practice to promoting women’s breast health. He started the first high-risk breast clinic in southwest Missouri, now in its third year.

Dr. Buckner serves on the Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks Board of Trustees after acting many years as a Board member. He was a founding member of the CoxHealth Breast Advisory Committee. Dr. Buckner enjoys running, reading and spending time with his wife Rochelle, his children and grandchildren. He is a retired Colonel from the US Army; he states, “Some of my proudest memories are caring for our American heroes on the battlefield and now at home.“

He approaches patients as individuals and offers them options as they deal with their breast cancer. “Patients should be actively involved in these difficult decisions. I find that patients are happier when they get all the information in an honest, straightforward way and are allowed to choose their course,” says Dr. Buckner. “Lifestyle and prevention have to be addressed if we ever expect to impact real change in health. The magic going forward will not be in new drugs and surgery, but in how we eat, live and love one another.”