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Metabolic Research Center

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Lezlie Hanna, Katie Wheeler, Jessa Cathey, Clint Cunningham and Keri Harris


3331 E. Montclair St., Suite D
Springfield, MO
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About Metabolic Research Center

Discover weight loss that works. Metabolic isn’t a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all plan. “We incorporate the latest research, study our clients’ previous patterns, medical conditions, lifestyle and individual goals, then design a program specific to your needs,” says Dana McKeen, Chief Operating Officer. 

MRC offers simple, easy-to-follow plans, as well as hormone and DNA testing.  “Our metabolism slows as we age due to changes in our hormones. We’ll help you get your hormones balanced through simple and inexpensive solutions. When hormones are balanced, weight loss is easier,” says McKeen.

DNA also plays a big role. Knowing your particular DNA markers is a tremendous tool in not only losing weight, but keeping it off.