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2101 W Chesterfield Blvd Unit A 100
Springfield, MO
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Studio 3 Dance Academy

Studio 3 Dance Academy was established in 2022, with the help of three minds that all had one common goal. A dance mom, an instructor, and a loving businessman asked, “How can we create a space that people are truly happy to be in? A place for dancers to perform, grow, and have fun. A place to call home.” Three caring, dance minded patrons laid out blueprints for a new way of developing dancers. A perfect mix of dance excellence, a caring community, and a foundation of what is right and just. This blueprint was carefully designed with one question in mind, “How can we best serve young dancers?” The nuts and bolts of this blueprint are held together by our three owners and support staff. Most of our teachers have obtained their degree in Dance from prestigious universities. Studio 3 Dance Academy dancers thrive in true and noble training. Our teachers provide step by step execution of mature techniques, to proper mental training, preparing dancers to perform with a smile on their face and a judgment-free posture to do their best.