Charcuterie Heaven at D'Vine Delicatessen and Wine

Show off your curated taste and put together the ultimate charcuterie plate at D'Vine Delicatessen and Wine.

By Jorge Cespedes

Apr 2022

Charcuterie board
Photo by Brandon AlmsA mix of delicious treats all found at D'Vine Delicatessen and Wine. Purchase Photo

If you love all things charcuterie, then you need to pay a visit to D’Vine Delicatessen and Wine (3522 S. National Ave., Springfield, 417-409-3084). The store is filled with outstanding cured meats from Spain, Italy and France. There are all sorts of cheeses, from stinky and delicious creamy French cheeses (my favorite) to Spanish and English blue cheese, plus all sorts of pate, saucisson and more. Once you begin to look around, with a glass of wine in hand, you realize you landed in a place delicately curated to create some amazing charcuterie boards. My product of choice, among many, is a Spanish mandarin and fig paste. It’s a membrillo, or quince paste, but with other Mediterranean flavors. Pair this with any cured meat or creamy and dry cheese. Treat yourself and plan a visit to this awesome little jewel of a store.