The Glean Team Helps Hunger Relieve Hunger in Southwest Missouri

The Glean Team helps to relieve hunger in the Ozarks by collecting left-over crops from local farms and community gardens and donates it to those in need, reducing food waste in the process.

By Krysten Muench

Jul 2020

Volunteers collecting food for the Glean Team
Photo courtesy Ozarks Food HarvestThe Glean Team collects left-over crops to reduce food waste in southwest Missouri

For the past six years, The Glean Team with Ozarks Food Harvest has steadily grown into a community asset. The team, led by Glean Coordinator Cady Goble and made up of close to 500 community volunteers, not only work together to plant and tend the Ozarks Food Harvest home garden in Rogersville, but they go out to local farms, home gardens and community gardens to harvest produce for hunger relief that would otherwise go to waste. Last year alone, the team harvested about 45,000 pounds of produce, and their harvest capacity is growing. The produce is then distributed through the Ozarks Food Harvest warehouse and directly throughout the community at shelters, senior centers, food pantries and Springfield neighborhoods. If you are interested in joining The Glean Team, sign up at