Where to Grab Halo-Halo in Springfield

A Filipino dessert hits 417-land. Find out where you can get Halo-Halo in Springfield.

By Tessa Cooper

Mar 2024

Halo-Halo, which means “mix-mix” in Tagalog, is a frozen dessert that’s popular in the Philippines, and it turns out that it’s now getting some well-deserved attention in 417-land too. This cold dessert features layers of shaved ice, condensed milk and a melange of ingredients like jackfruit, coconut and even sweetened plantains. Here are two places you can get your hands on one. 

Purple Panda Filipino Food

502 N. Third St., Ozark, 417-791-1529
Purple Panda’s halo-halo features fresh and made-in-house ingredients, down to the caramelized sweet potatoes and plantains. Jackfruit, tapioca pearls, young coconut and hearts of palm provide a wide variety of textures and flavors that will keep your taste buds entertained. 

Filipino Market

3448 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, 417-368-0219
Filipino Market tops its halo-halo with oh-so-delectable ube, which is ice cream made with purple yam jam. White sweet potatoes and tapioca pearls also appear in this version of halo-halo, as well as a few other ingredients like saba banana slices and red beans.