Baker Irene Sardachuk Whips Up Macarons

Check out these little sweeties from baker Irene Sardachuk, owner of Moloko Bakery.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Jan 2021

Stock photo of macarons
Photo courtesy ShutterstockBite into a crunchy sweet treat from Irene Sardachuck’s Moloko Bakery.

Macarons are one of my go-to desserts—they feel like such an indulgence, in such a tiny package—and for a while now I’ve had my eye on the raspberry-pistachio flavored macarons from Moloko Bakery, a tiny dessert business run by Irene Sardachuck. You can find Moloko Bakery on Instagram, where Sardachuck does business through her handle @moloko.bakery. (Orders are placed via direct message there too.) She makes a different flavor mix each week and sells the macarons in boxes of 10. I got four raspberry-pistachio macarons in the box I ordered, along with two Snickers, two Bounty and two raspberry-vanilla.

My family loved them all, from their perfectly delicate cookies to their sweet fillings. The Snickers flavor had a ribbon of salted caramel, and the Bounty flavor was a dream for anyone who loves coconut. But as I suspected, it was the subtle nuttiness and perfect hint of raspberry tartness that made me a full-fledged raspberry pistachio fan. Those tasty gems were worth every sweet little calorie.