Take-and-Make Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix from Lindsay's Kitchen

We test out the take-and-make chocolate chip pancake mix from Lindsay’s Kitchen.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Jan 2023

Photo by Leah StiefermannHomemade pancakes made simple with mix from Lindsay's Kitchen are delicious. Purchase Photo

I am a big fan of convenience in the kitchen, and local baker Lindsay’s Kitchen is offering take-and-make treats that make things oh-so-simple for lazy bakers like me—like brownie mixes, pancake mixes and pans of pre-prepped cinnamon rolls. One Monday morning, I decided to give the chocolate-chip pancakes a try. I had pre-ordered the mix online and picked it up at Farmers Market of the Ozarks. With its just-add-water instructions, the mix came together in minutes. Then I just fried them up in a buttery pan. Easy-peasy. Plus, they smelled incredible! I cooked them at the office, and I got a whole lot of “What are you making in there?” questions from teammates across the office who had caught a whiff. I especially liked that the pancake mix itself wasn’t too sugary. The little mini chocolate chips inside added creamy bursts of sweetness, but the overall effect wasn’t overwhelming. I enjoyed these little disks of happiness even without the syrup. But who am I kidding? That ooey-gooey indulgence is vital to a plate of perfect pancakes, right? 

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