The Wheelhouse’s Kimchi Packs a Punch

Pick up a power-pink jar of kimchi from The Wheelhouse in Springfield, MO to punch up your lunch.

By Claire Porter

Aug 2019

The Wheelhouse's Kimchi in store
Photo courtesy The WheelhouseTry The Wheelhouse's signature kimchi, sold in jars to easily take home.

Few foods are truly perfect, but kimchi is about as close as it comes. The Korean fermented concoction often includes cabbage or veggies, and it has all the best flavors. It’s salty, spicy, acidic, briny and funky. The Wheelhouse has found an ideal balance. Its house-made kimchi packs slow-burning heat from the gochugaru (chili powder) plus a pleasant crunch from thin coins of carrots. Snag a jar and open your eyes to a whole new world of flavor. 

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