Mocktails to Try in Dry January and Beyond

With dry January in full swing, mocktails are having a well-deserved moment. Here’s where to get the best alcohol free drinks around town any time of the year.

By Tessa Cooper

Jan 2020

various cocktails and mocktails on a bar
Photo courtesy ShutterstockLocal Springfield bars and restaurants have great alcohol free drink options. Don't see what you're looking for on the menu? Ask your server or bartender for options.

Progress and Reverie

Number of Mocktails: Five
Must-Try: The Kombucha Punch 
Dry-hopped kombucha with pineapple, cinnamon Gomme and lime.

Golden Girl Rum Club

Number of Mocktails: Three 
Must-Try: Tame Thriller
Coconut Cream, pineapple, orange and nutmeg.

The Order

Number of Mocktails: Four
Must-Try: Mulled Pear Cider
House-made mulled pear cider with black walnut bitters

Architect Coffee Co.

Number of Mocktails: Two
Must-Try: The Old Man Winter
Single-origin chocolate sauce, black walnut bitters, cardamom bitters, espresso and tonic water

Best of Luck Beer Hall

Number of Mocktails: Three
Must-Try: Rhu-Barbarella
Rhubarb, lemon cordial, soda and mint

Various 417-Land Locations

Ask if you don’t see mocktails on the menu. The Hepcat doesn’t advertise them, but owners Jimmy Rollins and Dylan Fox love the challenge. “Dylan and I get really competitive to see who can make the best one,” Rollins says. “We could put it on the menu, but it’s more fun this way.”