Build Your Best Night Out

From date nights and girls nights out to family weekends and dinner excursions, we’ve missed spending time together, and we’re daydreaming about the incredible excursions awaiting us post-isolation. Make the most of your outings with these itineraries.

By Claire Porter

Apr 2020

Group of friends with drinks on the patio at Team Taco in Springfield MO
Photo by Brandon AlmsWhen the sun rises on a new virus-free day, join your crew for an unforgettable night together, toasting to healthy beginnings. Purchase Photo

If you’ve spent your time in isolation counting down the days until you can reunite with your friends, go out with your partner or just have a genuine, close moment of human interaction, well, we’re right there with you. When we can finally visit our favorite restaurants, sidle up to our favorite bars and join the crowds at our favorite places, we want to have a game plan for making the most of our first nights together. So, when that time comes and we meet again, these six agendas can help you revisit all your favorites and maybe see our pretty little city in a new light by lining up everything to do, eat, drink and see for your best night out.

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