Best Activities for the Competitive at Heart

Feeling a little feisty? Channel that energy into friendly competition. Depending on your audaciousness—and how many willing cohorts you can corral—tackle all three feats of mind, body and appetite in one night, or pick and choose your favorites.

By Claire Porter

Apr 2020

Axe hit a bullseye
Photo courtesy ShutterstockGo head-to-head with friends at Craft Axe Throwing. Bragging rights go to anyone who can hit a bullseye.

Compete Against Strangers

All of those hours binge-watching Friends on Netflix finally come in handy at Patton Alley Pub’s (313 S. Patton Ave., Springfield, 417-865-1188) trivia nights. Wrack your brain and summon all of your music, movie and TV knowledge at Pop Culture Trivia Night on Thursdays, or start your Ken Jennings winning streak at Sunday’s Trivia Binge. If the intensity of trivia is too much or if your friends don’t have as much Star Wars knowledge as you do, 4 By 4 Brewing Co. (2811 E. Galloway St., Suite A, Springfield, 417-861-6400) hosts monthly bingo night—no skill required, beer-drinking optional.

Compete Against Friends

Have a little bicep battle with friends and land a perfect bullseye at Craft Axe Throwing (431 S. Jefferson Ave., Suite 132A, Springfield, 417-409-2496). Few things get the primal surge of adrenaline flowing quite like flinging an ax at a wooden target, and because you rack up points the closer to the center you get, it’s sure to spur some friendly competition within your group. As you work up a sweat, don’t forget to rehydrate. Craft Axe has a well stocked beer bar to help you cool down—be careful, though. One too many and someone might usurp your champion status.

Compete Against The Clock

Pick a partner and test your limits because it wouldn’t be a competitive night without at least one food-related challenge, right? Stare down almost 10 pounds of pizza at Vito’s Kitchen (307 S. Jefferson Ave., Springfield, 417-569-7555) in the Big Vito Pizza Challenge. The stats: two people, one pizza and 35 minutes. The stakes: if you can eat the entire 26-inch pizza in the allotted time, the $45 pie is free and you can take home two Vito’s T-shirts and bragging rights, of course. That much dough takes a lot of time to prepare, though, so make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance then start your stomach stretching exercises in earnest.

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