The Best Burgers in Springfield

Read all about the burgers from Springfield, Missouri's menus that surprise us, delight us and always indulge us.

By Katie Pollock Estes

May 2022

Art direction by Sarah Patton. Photos by Brandon Alms, Leah Stiefermann

Consider this our ode to Ozarks burgers. We’re talking juicy, beefy, meaty things to satisfy the carnivore deep inside you. No shade if you prefer a veggie burger or some other meat-free option—we’ve included some meat-free burger options below, too. This is a roundup of the wild ones that come dripping with cheese, buckling under the weight of a thousand toppings and nestled into a carb bomb of a bun.

Breakfast Burger from Civil Kitchen in Springfield MO.
Photo by Brandon AlmsChoose from a list of nine sauces (this one is blueberry ketchup) to go with a just-runny-enough fried egg and American cheese topping two juicy beef patties and bacon strips, all under a freshly made waffle. Plus roasty Red Rooster potatoes. You know, for something healthy on the side. Purchase Photo

The Breakfast Burger

Civil Kitchen & Tap, 107 Park Central Square, Springfield, 417-501-8456
Okay, hear me out: Ditch the bun and grab a waffle. You’re trading fluffy for crunchy and yeasty for sweet, but my goodness it works. That’s what you get with Civil Kitchen’s Breakfast Burger, just one of the beefy burgs on the menu. They offer up some classics too.
The Bun: A freshly made waffle
The Meat: Two juicy beef patties plus bacon strips
The Toppings: A just-runny-enough fried egg and American cheese
Order it With: Roasty Red Rooster potatoes
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The Brewhouse Burger

Springfield Brewing Company, 305 S. Market Ave., Springfield, MO, 417-832-8277
We are big fans of the way Springfield Brewing Co. finds ways to incorporate their signature beers into dishes at the restaurant, and this gut bomb of a burger does just that with some super-tasty beer cheese.
The Bun: A pretzel roll, thank goodness
The Meat: Two smash patties and a couple strips of crispy bacon
The Toppings: Crunchy fried onions and a beer cheese made with 417 Lager
Order it With: Beer, of course! Like the Blue Canoe American-style pale ale.
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The Brunch Burger

The Order at Hotel Vandivort, 305 E. Walnut St., Springfield, MO, 417-851-5299
If you like brunch to taste more like the “unch” and less like the “br,” then this burger is probably right up your alley. You get a quality burger, plus a little nod to the morning meal thanks to a perfectly runny egg.
The Bun: A brioche roll
The Meat: A juicy patty made with meat from JB Kobe farms
The Toppings: An over-easy egg, tender bibb lettuce, onion jam and a slice of tomato
Order it With: A brunch cocktail like the Michelada: bloody mary mix, Queen City lager and a Tajin rim.
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Mac'n Cheese Burger

Bair’s Sports Grill, multiple 417-land locations
Bair’s has 35 burgers on their menu, so you know you’ll find something that fits your mood. And if your mood happens to be “over-the-top cheat meal that I might regret later”  or “I want a burger but I also need to stress-eat some carbs,” then you’ve got to cheese it up with this bad boy.
The Bun: A classic white roll, gently toasted
The Meat: A half-pound of hand-pattied beef
The Toppings: Macaroni and cheese and a five-cheese blend and jack-cheddar cheese
Order it With: A side of jalapeño bottle caps.
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Steak Burger from Farmers Gastropub
Photo by Brandon AlmsGet it! The Steak Burger from Farmers Gastropub is a beautifully done classic that’s calling your name. Purchase Photo

Steak Burger

Farmers Gastropub, 2620 S. Glenstone Ave., 417-864-6994
We’re highlighting the regular menu’s Steak Burger because it’s a classic that never disappoints. But burger-lovers, listen up: The burger specials here are phenomenal too. Follow on social to see the burger-of-the-day details.
The Bun: A brioche roll from Neighbor’s Mill
The Meat: One or two patties of Blackgate Farms beef
The Toppings: Fresh onion and lettuce, snappy pickles, Dijon aioli and American cheese
Order it With: A frosty pint of Old Speckled Hen ale.
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Chili Bison Burger

Arnie’s Barn at Top of the Rock, 150 Top of the Rock Road, Ridgedale, MO
There are a lot of ways to satisfy an appetite at Top of the Rock (Arnie’s Barn being just one of them). The spot’s Tex-Mex menu features a few great burgers too, like this one it’s the only burger on our list featuring bison meat.
The Bun: A soft and sweet Hawaiian roll
The Meat: A thick and juicy patty.
The Toppings: The restaurant’s bison chili, plus homemade pimento cheese and crispy onion rings
Order it With: A warm toffee blondie sundae for dessert.
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Burgers from The Grotto, J.O.B. Public House and Black Sheep in Springfield MO
Photos by Brandon Alms, Leah StiefermannPick your poison: A bleu-cheese topped Grotto Burger, J.O.B. Public House’s iconic The Full Ride, or the Philadelphia-meets-the-Ozarks Springphilly Burger from Black Sheep. We don’t think you can go wrong with this lineup. Purchase Photo

The Grotto Burger

The Grotto West Coast Grill, 301 E. Battlefield Road, Springfield, MO, 417-886-9600
The Grotto Burger is a choose-your-own-adventure experience since you get to pick the toppings. Take our advice and get the super-indulgent combo below. It’s our garlicky, cheesy go-to for bad breath that’s worth it.
The Bun: Fluffy brioche, perfectly toasted
The Meat: 1/3 pound of certified Angus beef
The Toppings: Roasted garlic aioli, bleu cheese crumbles and crispy bacon
Order it With: A side of sweet potato fries. Or, if you just can’t get enough stinky cheese, the addictive bleu cheese chips.
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The Full Ride

J.O.B. Public House, 319 E. Walnut St., Springfield, MO
When Grad School closed and some of its menu migrated over to sister-restaurant J.O.B. Public House, we had one very serious question: Okay, but what about The Full Ride? Well, lucky for all of us, that juicy little wonder made the cut!
The Bun: Satisfyingly soft and barely toasted
The Meat: Two griddle-cooked beef buddies
The Toppings: Soft sharp cheddar cheese (the highlight!), caramelized onion, lettuce, tomato and bacon
Order it With: Something from J.O.B.’s extensive whiskey selection—on the rocks.
[J.O.B Public House is currently closed with plans to reopen: Keep an eye on their social media for updates.]
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Dinner Burger

Progress, 2144 E. Republic Road, Ste. B-101, 417-799-9388
On a menu of inspired seasonal tastes, this go-to burger is a steady fixture. We love its subtle twists on classic toppings (the mayo is smoked, for example) for elevated comfort food.
The Bun: A locally made brioche roll from Neighbor’s Mill
The Meat: Two smashed beef patties, plus crispy strips of bacon from Newman Farm
The Toppings: American cheese, smoked mayonnaise and caramelized onion
Order it With: All the Spring Things cocktail for a light sip.
[Editor's note: As of June 2023 Progress is closed.]

The Kelsey

Missouri Mike’s, 2833 W. Chestnut Expy, Springfield, 417-771-5018
The original Missouri Mike’s location is a barbecue joint, and the second leans more into casual dining. But both places offer a selection of topping-heavy burgers. The Kelsey brings a little bit of heat to the game.
The Bun: Toasted brioche
The Meat: A 4-ounce patty made from brisket, short ribs and chuck
The Toppings: Fire-roasted chili peppers, homemade chorizo, caramelized onions and a blend of cheeses
Order it With: Loaded barbecue nachos to share with friends.
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Springphilly Burger

Black Sheep, multiple Springfield locations
It’s not easy to pick just one burger to highlight at Black Sheep. Burgers are their whole thing! But the Springphilly is a new favorite. I mean, just look at the bottom burger in the pic above—who could resist something so beautifully sloppy?
The Bun: Regular or gluten-free
The Meat: 4 ounces of ground beef—plus (are you ready?) sliced marinated filet on top
The Toppings: Grilled red peppers and onions and an ooey-gooey cheese sauce
Order it With: The Sugar Daddy milkshake spiked with bourbon.
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The Mill Burger from The Ozark Mill Restaurant in Ozark MO
Photo by Brandon AlmsThis tall king is The Mill Burger from The Ozark Mill Restaurant, and he’s piled high. Purchase Photo

The Mill Burger

The Ozark Mill Restaurant at Finley Farms, 802 Finley Farms Lane, Ozark, MO, 417-210-6644
Gather up your favorite work buddies to join you for lunch, and order this  absolute tower of a burger from The Ozark Mill Restaurant. It ticks all the boxes for a stellar burger: It’s a little refined, a little indulgent, a little surprising, a little messy and oh-so-flavorful.
The Bun: Toasted to (chef’s kiss) perfection!
The Meat: There’s not just a run-of-the-mill beef patty—this burger has braised short rib.
The Toppings: Aged provolone, spicy arugula (so much better than lettuce!) and truffle aioli
Order it With: A pimento margarita. Make sure you opt for the spicy chili syrup!
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The Slab Burger

The Rock, 4018 S. Lone Pine Ave., Springfield, MO, 417-986-0632
When your taste buds can’t decide what mood they’re in, it’s nice to find a dish that can pull double duty. In this burger, grilled ham adds a salty hit, while apple-habanero barbecue sauce brings the heat and the sweet.
The Bun: Crispy grilled brioche roll
The Meat: A half-pound beef patty and a thick slice of grilled ham
The Toppings: Apple-habanero barbecue sauce, sauteed onions and cheddar cheese
Order it With: A spicy buffalo cauliflower appetizer for the table.
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Lindberg’s Tavern, 318 W. Commercial St., Springfield, MO, 417-868-8900
Lindberg’s Tavern sort of flies under the radar as one of the best burger joints in town. Their smash burgers come in three sizes (the Lindburger option has two patties) and there are several fun topping options that we don’t see every day (like homemade ketchup, green tomato relish and onion jam). We recommend trying the combo below, but you can always build your own.
The Bun: Classic, no-frills, toasted just right
The Meat: Two juicy smashed patties seared in duck fat
The Toppings: Melted provel cheese, beer-braised mushrooms, bacon, homemade mayo and standard burger veggies
Order it With: A side of fried green tomatoes.
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H.A.F.B. Burger from Gettin’ Basted in Springfield MO
Photo by Leah StiefermannHere’s to the sloppy-but-worth-it H.A.F.B. Burger from Gettin’ Basted. This juicy bite isn’t for the faint of heart. Purchase Photo

H.A.F.B. Burger

Gettin’ Basted, locations in Branson, Nixa and Springfield
Stop! Before you dig in to the H.A.F.B., you’re going to need to round up a small mountain of napkins. Trust us, you’ll need them. (Hot tip: You can get an H.A.F.B. at Downing Street Pour House too, with just slight ingredient changes.)
The Bun: A balance of soft and toasty
The Meat: A patty made of the juiciest American Wagyu beef
The Toppings: A gooey soft fried egg, sharp white cheddar cheese, rich avocado butter, bacon jam and Sriracha for a hit of heat
Order it With: An app to share, like a gigantic soft pretzel with mustard and cheese sauces.
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Schuchmann Sliders

Metropolitan Grill, 2931 E. Battlefield Road, Springfield, MO, 417-889-4951
Although Metropolitan Grill is known for eclectic fine dining, they’re pretty skilled at adding their spin to a comfort classic like burgers too. With the Schuchmann Sliders, you get a duo of little slider burgers, with Parmesan and rosemary fries on the side.
The Bun: Perfectly sized slider rolls
The Meat: Beef patties that are a blend of Wagyu beef and bacon
The Toppings: Smoked gouda cheese and caramelized onion aioli
Order it With: The Metropolitan Grill classic: flash-fried spinach.
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Finley Double Burger

The Finley, 206 E. Elm St., Ozark, MO, 417-582-1912
If you want to try this particular dish from The Finley, you need to make plans to be there during lunch hours. The burger isn’t offered at dinner, but the restaurant’s spacious outdoor area makes it a great lunch break burger stop with friends in tow.
The Bun: The perfect vehicle for this luscious burger and all its toppings
The Meat: Two patties from Blackgate Farms
The Toppings: Crunchy fried shallots, chipotle sauce, American cheese, locally grown greens and tomatoes
Order it With: A pimento dip hoe cakes appetizer to whet your appetite.
[Editor's note: As of March 2023 The Finley is closed.]

Western Burger from W.F. Cody's in Springfield MO
Photo by Brandon AlmsPinkies up: There’s nothing dainty about the huge Western Burger from W.F. Cody’s. Purchase Photo

Western Burger

W.F. Cody’s, 3138 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, MO, 417-887-8083
If you know, you know. W.F. Cody’s has long had a reputation for serving some seriously delicious, mostly no-frills burgers that are so good at scratching that I-need-a-burger itch. Their Western Burger fits the bill with the perfect combo of indulgent toppings. Giddy-up!
The Bun: Classic and simple—it’s all about the toppings on this burger.
The Meat: A juicy hand-formed and griddle-cooked patty
The Toppings: Bacon, barbecue sauce, pickles, American cheese and a nice, fat onion ring
Order it With: An ice-cold pint of beer. This is a dive bar, after all.
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The Alamo Drafthouse's Monster Burger
Photo by Brandon AlmsThe Alamo Drafthouse's Monster Burger is loaded waffle fries, a hefty slather of savory, dripping, goopy-good queso sauce, a giant version of your classic beef patty in a bun that’s a little toasty, a little soft, with some sesame seeds for good measure. Plus crispy bacon. Purchase Photo

Monster Burger

Alamo Drafthouse, 4005 South Ave., Springfield, MO, 417-708-9599
If you’ve ever actually finished a Monster Burger, we have one question for you: Are you okay? I mean, look at this crazy, beautiful thing! At least you’re at a movie theater when you order it, so you can digest a few hours before you have to move around again.
The Bun: A little toasty, a little soft, with some sesame seeds for good measure.
The Meat: Just a giant version of your classic beef patty
The Toppings: Loaded waffle fries, you guys. Loaded waffle fries!
Order it With: You really won't need anything else with it.
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The Spicy Fried Pickle Burger from RepMO Burger Co.
Photo by Brandon AlmsThe Spicy Fried Pickle Burger from RepMO Burger Co. is two chunky beef patties, stacked high with American cheese, tomato, red onion and lettuce, chipotle ranch for a hint of heat in A tasty and toasty brioche roll. Oh yeah, and spicy fried pickles, of course. Purchase Photo

Spicy Fried Pickle Burger

RepMo Burger Co., 558 E. Harrison St., Republic, MO, 417-647-2112
This burger perfectly toes the line between a veggie-packed classic and something wildly creative. With exploding flavors thanks to a swath of toppings both mild and bold, this one’s a winner for adventurous diners.
The Bun: A tasty and toasty brioche roll
The Meat: Two chunky beef patties, stacked high
The Toppings: American cheese, tomato, red onion and lettuce
The Scene-Stealer: Spicy fried pickles.
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[Editor's Note: Since publication RepMo Burger Co. has closed and the owners have opened Campfire Barbecue.]

Sooper Burger

Red’s Giant Hamburg, 2301 W. Sunshine St., Springfield, MO
It’s all about burgers, milkshakes and some old-school  Route 66 nostalgia at this reincarnated burger joint. There are just a handful of simple burger options, and we were drawn straight to the super-meaty Sooper Burger.
The Bun: White, soft, toasted, simple
The Meat: Two beef patties, plus slices of ham and bacon
The Toppings: American cheese (but you can add chili to your burgers for $0.99 if you’re really feeling crazy)
Order it With: A Route 66 banana split for that classic diner vibe.
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The triple steakburger from Taylor’s Drive-In
Photo by Brandon AlmsThe triple steakburger from Taylor’s Drive-In is as old-school as it gets. Purchase Photo

Triple Steak Burger

Taylor’s Drive-In, 139 Memorial Plaza, Springfield, MO, 417-862-3278
You’ve probably seen the “Taylor’s Est. 1947” sign outside drive-in restaurant downtown, but have you been inside? This place is micro-teeny and super old-school, and we love that.
The Bun: A super-simple white-bread bun for that no-frills experience
The Meat: Three beef patties, smashed thin and griddle cooked
The Toppings: For a classic: American cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and grilled onion
Order it With: A side order of some seriously crispy onion rings.
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Truffle Burger

SPLIT Social Kitchen, 3027 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, MO, 417-755-7155
SPLIT Social Kitchen always takes their inventive dishes a few steps beyond expected, and this burger is no exception. The messy mountain of mushrooms and unmistakable flavor of truffles make it a real winner.
The Bun: Toasted just enough
The Meat: Two 4-ounce beef patties and some crispy strips of bacon
The Toppings: Lots of mushrooms, truffle-infused white American cheese and some caramelized onions
Order it With: Parmesan-garlic fries (which come on the side).
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Double Cheeseburger

Billy Bob’s Dairyland, 1829 76 Country Blvd., Branson, MO, 417-337-9291
This unobtrusive little diner on the Branson Strip  has quite the following for its fried hand pies, its luscious milkshakes and malts, and of course its mega-juicy burgers. The double cheeseburger topped the way you like with classic burger basics is a favorite.
The Bun: Split-top white roll, toastedThe MEAT Two big, thick patties of ground beef
The Toppings: Order all the crunchy veggies: onion, lettuce and pickles
Order it With: A classic chocolate malt or a fried pie.
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Pickles & Buns food truck burgers.
Photo by Brandon AlmsWho’s up for a game of beefy Jenga? These two cuties are from Pickles & Buns food truck. Purchase Photo

Surf & Turf Burger

Pickles & Buns
If you think miniature anything is cute to the max, then you might love the little sliders from the Pickles & Buns food truck. Each one even comes topped with a mini pickle! There are several burger options, but we are all about the unexpected surf & turf burger.
The Bun: Lil’ bitty slider rolls
The Meat: A super-juicy ground beef patty plus (here comes the surf!) tender sauteed shrimp
The Toppings: Swiss cheese, tomato and some paprika mayonnaise for a little zip
Order it With: Tater tots.
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Meat-Free Patties

These five meat-free alternatives have been carnivore approved when it comes to flavor.
Written by Ettie Berneking, illustrations by Heather Kohler

Beanie Babe
Black Bean & Quinoa Burger at Cafe Cusco
Vegan? You’re in luck. This black bean burger is even served on a vegan focaccia bun. The black bean and quinoa patty is held together with flaxseed and topped with roasted garlic and onions. The cilantro and avocado spreads give it a fresh kick.

Herbivore Delight 
The Natural Panini at MaMa Jean’s Natural Market
Firm and packed with flavor, there’s nothing boring about this messy tofu panini smooshed with avocado, kale, tomato, pickled red onion, Vegenaise and Dijon. Fun fact: This was the first sandwich ever made at MaMa Jean’s deli. 

Happy Hippie
Hippy Burger at The Grotto
Smooth and creamy, this black bean patty packs a surprising punch of heat thanks to a hearty smear of chipotle aioli. But a creamy, cooling layer of fresh avocado helps smother the flames. This bad boy comes on a brioche bun with mixed greens, tomato and red onion.

Mushroom Madness
Two Farms Portobello Burger at Lindberg’s
These ’shroom burgers are a total trip, and they start with a meaty portobello dunked in the deep fryer for a hot and crunchy finish. For extra flavor, it’s topped with rosemary and grape relish, tomato, onion, goat cheese and honey balsamic salad. 

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