What's Offered at Metro Eats

Metro Eats, a farmers market and food and entertainment hub, opens Phase 1 this month at 2463 W. Sunshine St. Read about the parts we’re most excited about.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Sep 2021

Metro Eats food truck
Photo by Brandon AlmsYou can expect to find something for just about every tastebud at Metro Eats. Purchase Photo

1. The Climate-Controlled Farmers Market

The indoor farmers’ market at Metro Eats will be open on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings all year round, meaning you can shop without worrying about blasting summer heat or a winter’s chill. During the cooler season when there is less locally grown produce, Owner Christina Shellhart says Metro Eats will be working with another local business to bring in fresh lemons, avocados and other fruits and veggies from regions with longer growing seasons.

2. Camping, Movie Nights and Year-Round Activities

Eventually, parts of the Metro Eats property will be devoted to campsites and numerous spaces both big and small that can be rented for private events. And then there’s the Blind Spot, a row of Red Neck Blinds hunting blinds that can be rented along with electric grills so you can cook out and get prime seating for evening movie nights on Metro Eats’ big outdoor movie screen.

3. Kid-Friendly Fun

Among the many kid-focused activities at Metro Eats, there is a sweet splash zone under the shade of the trees, a hillside pumpkin patch, future learning opportunities at a buzzy on-site apiary and a wildlife observation area with wishing well bird baths for checking out the fauna.

4. So Much Good Food

Shellhart says Metro Eats has plans for tons of great dining, snacking and sipping options. From the lot filled with food trucks to The Cabooze (a caboose-themed cocktail stop), you can expect to find something for just about every tastebud. Converted shipping containers will be home to a bakery and other shopping options too, including a boutique. The indoor food depot, with plenty of tables where you can sit down with your meal, will offer even more.

5. Pick-Your-Own Tomatoes 

When we say we’re excited about pick-your-own tomatoes, we mean it! The concept is similar to the you-pick berries and apples that you can find around the region—but what you get to take home is summer’s sweetest veggie. (Yes, yes, we know it’s really a fruit.) The plants have to be in the ground a couple of years before they can be picked by the public, so this is something you can look forward to in seasons to come.