The Dos and Don’ts of Graphic Tees

That comfy T-shirt no longer needs to be relegated to stay-at-home days. With these helpful tips from 5 Pound Apparel and STAXX, you can rock the graphic tee as part of a stylish outfit at the office or on the town.

By Julie Sedenko Davis

Aug 2017

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DO: Think high-waisted 
“Add a higher waisted skirt or a high-waisted short and have the T-shirt tucked in.”—Brina Thomas, 5 Pound Apparel 

DO: Pick the perfect partner
“Wear it with a short lace fitted skirt to make it dressier for a night out or layer it over a maxi dress and knot it. In cooler weather, faux leather pants are the perfect combo.”—Tara Hamilton, STAXX

DON’T: Stress
“Don’t choose a distressed option for a more professional environment.”—T.H. 

DO: Wear graphic tees to the office
“Layer a blazer over it or make the bottom half of the outfit dressier with a printed pant or dressier fabric maxi skirt or pencil skirt.”—T.H.

DON’T: Cut off the graphic 
“Because then it looks kind of funny. The waist is the most important part.”—B.T.

DON’T: Accept sloppy
“You can always knot it if you think it is getting too sloppy. Or a huge trend is layering the sweater corsets over the bulky tees. Some people wear the oversized graphic tees as a dress. We love that look.”—T.H.

DO: Consider the shoes
“To dress up, do a fun mule heel or any type of wedge. For a casual look, go with Toms tennis shoes or slip-ons with shorts. Toms has a really cool Del Rey style.”—B.T.

DON’T: Roll up the sleeves
“It looks sloppy. If you buy one rolled up, that’s fine.”—B.T.

DO: Be brave
“If you’re timid on trying one out, wear it to a concert or casual barbecue. You can ease into it that way.”—T.H.

DON’T: Think T-shirts are only for teens
“All ages buy our graphic tees. Graphic tees are for everyone.”—T.H.

DO: Take note of tucking
“If you have a longer, more slouchy tee, tuck in the front on one side not directly in the center. The point is for the whole front to not be tucked in.”—B.T.

DON’T: Be offensive
“Choose your tee wisely for the occasion.”—T.H.

DO: Go slouchy
“Women’s cuts are now slouchy and not as fitted. Slouchy is more versatile—also more forgiving around the tummy region.”—B.T.

DON’T: Do graphics on a V-neck
“Then [the graphic] is on your stomach. If you have a graphic tee that’s a V-neck [the graphic] needs to be on the back.”—B.T.

DO: Take precautions with pockets
“Make sure of pocket placement—you never know what it will look like. Try them on.”—B.T.

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