5 Best Coves

Southwest Missouri and northern Arkansas are home to tons of amazing lakes, and within them are spots to cool off, hang out and waste the day away.

By Evan Greenberg

Aug 2018

Boy in swim trunks in mid-air jumping into beautiful cove water
Photo courtesy Shutterstock

1. Secret Cove

On Bull Shoals Lake

Secret Cove is, for lack of a better term, a well-kept secret. Navigate your boat between points 17 and 18 on the lake and you’re there.
Why We Love It: The water is crystal clear, and the area is surrounded by sheer bluffs. You won’t see many other boats, either—that’s all part of the appeal.

2. Lilley's Landing

On Lake Taneycomo

Lilley’s Landing is a resort and marina close to the main Branson drag.
Why We Love It: The resort is extremely open to letting visitors explore its docks at this excellent trout-fishing location. Taneycomo is a cold-water lake, so swimming might be limited. The resort also rents out pontoon boats.

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3. The Bluffs

On Table Rock Lake

Located near the Old 86 Campground, these famous cliffs are great for adventure-seekers wanting an adrenaline rush.
Why We Love It: What makes Table Rock Lake so versatile is that it has a little something for everyone. There are spots to park and hang out, and spots for those looking for a rush. The Bluffs offer just that, with high peaks that let gravity do the rest of the work. 

4. Sister Creek

On Bull Shoals Lake

You won’t have to venture far from Bull Shoals Lake Boat Dock in Arkansas to discover this wonderfully secluded spot. 
Why We Love It: The Sister Creek moniker describes two different areas: Big Sister Creek and Little Sister Creek. Little Sister Creek is closer to the marina and has three different arms to explore. It’s a serene location where you can go to get out of the wake patterns of the lake. Choose your own (quiet) adventure!

5. Cow Creek

On Table Rock Lake

Cow Creek is located on Point 6 between Table Rock State Park and the Port of Kimberling.
Why We Love It: If you want scenery, Cow Creek is the place to be. This is also a great spot for swimming because the water is deep. You might see someone you know here, as it’s a popular meeting spot. What’s more, there’s not a lot of development here so you can take in the uninterrupted natural scenery.