Meet a Staffer: Carrie Brauch-Sauer

Every issue, we introduce you to one of the people who make 417 Magazine happen. This month meet 39-year-old Carrie Brauch-Sauer, one of the sales department’s account managers.

Photo by Kevin O’Riley

Feb 2015

How long have you been working at 417 Magazine?
Four months.

Describe what you do at work day-to-day.
I help people grow their business by giving them the opportunity to become involved in 417 Magazine. I meet with local business owners and discover what audience they hope to reach and what message they hope to send to them through advertising.

Describe something you worked on recently that you’re proud of. 
I worked with a local boutique and art gallery to increase their visibility in 417-land. I love seeing small business owners who work hard and love seeing our community succeed! 

What’s your favorite thing to do in 417-land? 
You can find me at First Friday Art Walk every month. I love listening to music, such as Madison Avenue, Smokey Folk and Bella Donna. 

What’s your favorite bit of magazine lingo? 
TK (information to come later). Every time I see TK, I think TKO (total knock out). That leads my warped brain to imagine the editorial or production staff in boxing gloves.

What’s your favorite thing to eat that you can only find in 417-land? 
Fish tacos from Café Cusco and Pineapple Whip.

What celebrity would you most like to have coffee and conversation with? Why? 
John Cusack. From his tweets and interviews, I find him to be an incredibly intelligent, kind, sarcastically funny human. Those are my favorites.

Do you have a nickname in the office?
Well, there are enough of us that sometimes I get called by other people’s names. I answer back to the nice names.

What do you do in your free time?
Spend time with my four sons and husband, listen to local live music, play trivia, cook, drink wine or local beers, watch movies or read.

What’s your dream vacation, and what five people would you take with you? 
I desperately want to go to Italy for at least a month! I want to eat, drink and admire the history. I would take my husband and my sons. 

What would you do if you won $1 million? 
Pay off our home, donate money to a few of my favorite charitable organizations, put aside money for my sons, and take an incredible trip with my family and then a trip just with my husband. 

What is your Facebook status right now? 
“We have an addiction to Jets Pizza in our family. Three words: BBQ Chicken Pizza. It is amazing!”

What would the office void be if you left? 
I usually have a hat on, so the office would be missing the quirky girl in the goofy hats.