Freshen Up Your Coffee Cup

Shield yourself from winter temperatures and enjoy a cup of joe from the comfort of your own home with these coffee-related goods and accessories, all from 417-land shops.

Styled by Kaye Lee | Photos by Kevin O’Riley

Jan 2013

Coffee pitches sits on a layer of coffee beans
A series of cups teeters, stacked on top of one another
Natural Life sweater mug, $18.95 at Baglady Boutique and Fiestaware Jumbo mugs in marigold and navy, $9.99 each at Everything Kitchens
expresso mixer
Nespresso Pixie espresso maker, $229.99 at Everything Kitchens
three java presses of varying sizes
GSI Outdoors personal java press, $35 at Dynamic Earth
portable coffee cup with the linotype film
Linotype: The Film, $25 at Coffee Ethic & Keep Cup portable coffee cup, $16 at Coffee Ethic
various packaging for askinosie chocolate, chocolate covered expresso beans
Dark chocolate and coffee CollaBARation bar, $9 at Askinosie Chocolate, Sipping Chocolate + Intelligentsia Coffee, $15.50 at Askinosie Chocolate and Chocolate covered espresso beans, $2.99-5.99 at the Mudhouse
coffee grinder
Bodum bistro coffee grinder, $114.99 at Everything Kitchens