Where to Get It:
MaMa Jean’s Natural Market
1727 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield; 1110 E. Republic Rd., Springfield

What’s Inside:
Freshly squeezed ginger juice and cayenne pepper

What it Tastes Like:
When I saw MaMa Jean’s Natural Market tweet about having ginger shots, I wanted to try it. I love the taste of fresh ginger, but I was a little nervous to shoot straight ginger juice since it has such a bold and spicy flavor. I dragged along our digital media coordinator, JuliRose Martinez, so we could each try a shot. MaMa Jean’s offers two versions. One is the original fresh ginger shot, and the other includes cayenne pepper. JuliRose went with the original. Because I like spicy stuff, I got the one with an extra kick of cayenne. With no hesitation, we threw back our shots like a couple of college kids. My first thought was how insanely pungent the ginger was. It almost took my breath away until the cayenne hit the back of my throat and made my whole mouth tingle. The shots were invigorating; we both got a warm feeling in our bodies and an immediate burst of energy. We left in a good mood. If you are not into coffee or energy drinks to give you a little boost, I would definitely suggest you give these a shot. No pun intended.

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What to Eat it With: A healthy snack or lunch from the fresh food bar at MaMa Jean’s.

Whom to Drink it With: An adventurous pal who’s up for something a little unusual.

What to Do Afterward: Conquer the world! Or just tackle your to-do list using your newfound energy boost.