How To Create Beach Waves

Summertime girls definitely have it going on with those tousled beach waves that look effortless and lovely all at once. Now you can have perfect beach waves, too, with these easy steps.

Jun 2014


Summer is here, but that’s no reason to sweat finding the perfect hairdo. With a few steps, you can achieve that fresh-from-the-beach look without hitting the water. Becca Key from Counting Stars Salon (1839-B Ste. 14., Springfield, 417-425-2246) is here to help.

“This is a great summertime look,” says Key. “As fashion moves more toward breezy, casual looks, this loose hairstyle is right on trend.” Added bonus: This style looks great the day after. There are a few ways to pull off the beach wave look without actually hitting the waves, but Key’s favorite is the rock and waves method. 

Beach Wave Must-Have Products

Paul Mitchell Ultimate Wave, $13.98
Use this on damp hair, then scrunch it up and blow dry for a messy look. This product is humidity-resistant, so that dreaded summer frizz is no more.

Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturing Sea Spray, $19
Run this through damp hair, then blow dry. This has a stronger hold if you want extra texture, and it smells amazing!

1. First, add a sea salt spray or cream to your hair, then roughly blow dry your hair with your hands. It should look messy.

2. Taking small sections of hair, run a flatiron down each section, rocking the iron back and forth to create kinks down the length of your hair. This helps add volume and lasts all day. (Trick: For a softer look, mix up the size of the sections using large portions of hair.)

3. Spray your hair again with sea spray and scrunch those gorgeous locks with your hands.