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Local Sweets to Top Your Frozen Treats

These five sweets live out their full potential when you drizzle them over your frozen treats to create homemade sundaes.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Jun 2018

Ice Cream Toppings
Photo by Vivian WheelerBlueberry Syrup from Persimmon Hill Farm is made with locally grown blueberries and is a great way to add a bit of fruity flavor to your sweet treat. Purchase Photo
If that tub of ice cream in your freezer leaves a little something to be desired, get your hands on locally made sauces and spreads that can punch up the flavor. These five sweets live out their full potential when you drizzle them over your frozen treats to create homemade sundaes. 

Coconut Caramel Sauce
from Date Lady; available at many local grocery stores and online at ilovedatelady.com

What’s Inside: Date syrup, coconut cream and a bit of sea salt

Ice Cream: Chocolate chip. What pairs perfectly with coconut? Chocolate. What pairs perfectly with caramel? Chocolate. All of those flavors combined with a creamy vanilla ice cream base is perfection. 

Take It Up a Notch: Toast some pecans and sprinkle them over the top for a little crunch.

Hey, Hey Hazelnut! Chocolate Hazelnut Spread
from Askinosie Chocolate; available at many local grocery stores and online at askinosie.com

What’s Inside: Homemade hazelnut butter, sugar, cocoa nibs and cocoa powder

Ice Cream: The roasted, toasty flavor of coffee ice cream holds its own alongside a treat as warm and rich as the chocolate hazelnut spread from Askinosie Chocolate.

Take It Up a Notch: Pour a shot of warm espresso over the top for an extra-rich take on an affogato. 

Pear-Honey Preserves
from The Keeter Center, 1 Opportunity Ave., Point Lookout, 417-239-1900, keetercenter.edu

What’s Inside: Pears, crushed pineapple and honey

Ice Cream: Drizzle it over green tea ice cream. Earthy matcha pairs well with a variety of flavors, from rich chocolate to tart fruit. These fruity and slightly tropical preserves with a hint of honey are a great topping choice.

Take It Up a Notch: Get your hands on some mochi bits (check local Asian markets or even Amazon) and sprinkle a few over the top. They go well with fruity flavors and with green tea.

Purple Haze Honey 
from Half Crocked Chef; available at Greater Springfield Farmers Market or halfcrockedchef.com

What’s Inside: Raw, local honey with lavender, 
vanilla and lemon peel

Ice Cream: Strawberry ice cream will bring out the lemon flavor and add a little brightness to the warmly sweet flavored honey. Plus, lavender is just so hot right now, and it gets along quite well with fruity flavors.

Take It Up a Notch: Serve this over sweet biscuits with some freshly sliced strawberries for a fancier take on strawberry shortcake.

Blueberry Syrup
from Persimmon Hill Farm, 367 Persimmon Hill Lane, Lampe, 417-779-5443, persimmonhill.com

What’s Inside: Fresh, locally grown blueberries and cane sugar

Ice Cream: Once you warm up the blueberry syrup and drizzle it on top, that sweet and tangy topping is all you really need to jazz up your ice cream. So keep it simple but make it a party with creamy birthday cake ice cream.

Take It Up a Notch: Get a Persimmon Hill Farm Thunder Muffin while you’re at it and serve the whole shebang over the top of it. 
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