How to Wear It: Suede

The 1970s favorite is making a big comeback to 417-land boutiques, and local experts share their tips for how to make suede your favorite texture.

Written by Rose Marthis | Styled by Elyse Philipak

Mar 2016

DO: Try New Pieces

“Suede is no longer just for shoes or a jacket. Pick an iconic piece that you wear. If you wear pants, go with a gaucho. And if you wear dresses, go with a suede A-line mini skirt.” —Tammy Kirks at Harem & Company


DO: Mix and Match

“Since suede is such a delicate fabric, you will want to pair it up with contrasting fabrics such as silk, knits or patent leather.” —Sarah Schaeffer at The Uptown Boutique


DO: Start With a Skirt

“The easiest way to incorporate suede into your wardrobe is to start with a suede mini skirt.  You can pair it with all sorts of blouses and top options. Throw on a strappy wedge, and you’re set. This is always a great day or night type of look. I’ve seen the skirt paired with a crisp white button up for the day, but love it paired with a striped tee and denim jacket for a casual evening look.” —S.S


DON’T: Go Too Retro

“Keep it kind of modern with jewelry and shoes, or pick one retro piece at a time. If you want to wear a suede platform sandal that looks really ‘70s, don’t take your whole outfit out of a ‘70s catalog.” —T.K. 


DO: Treat It The Same

“In a lot of ways you have to treat suede the same you would treat other things. You’re adding a texture, you’re not necessarily adding  a trend. It’s no different than cashmere or leather. You can take that look and make it edgy, modern or conservative.” —T.K. 


DO: Start With Neutrals

“Opting for darker, more neutral colors will give you a bit more flexibility when it comes to styling and putting together outfits that incorporate suede.  If you’re a little hesitant at first about trying suede, black is always a great color to invest in or a camel brown. They’ll pair with a ton and complement a ton of skin and hair color combinations.” —S.S. 


DON’T: Put on Too Much

“The great thing about suede right now is that you can incorporate it into your wardrobe in so many ways. You don’t want to go overboard with it, though, so I would suggest one, maybe two suede pieces tops per outfit.  I personally have  been a huge fan of the oversize, fringe trim suede handbags. This is a great, everyday way to be trendy, but it also allows you to rock another suede piece like a skirt or boots.” —S.S. 


DO: Favor the Modern Look

“If you have to choose between a bright coral and a softer desert color, pick desert because that’s more modern. That’s going to give you the edge and make you look the most modern.” —T.K.