Layer Up with Boho Pieces from Lizzy James

When you’re putting on your winter layers this season, layer your jewelry, too, using versatile Boho-style bracelets and other artisan pieces from the Lizzy James collection.

By Jennifer Adamson

Mar 2018

Lizzy James Bracelets
Photo courtesy Lizzy JamesRelaxed, stackable bracelets from Lizzy James give any outfit a boho-chic vibe.

When Baglady Boutique opened in 2007, owner Ginny Redfern’s intent was to create a fun, friendly atmosphere where women and their girlfriends could find special pieces to complement their wardrobes or homes. Today, Baglady Boutique is known for appealing to all ages through its sophisticated hodgepodge of merchandise—including one of its most popular lines, Lizzy James. This American-made jewelry assortment is drawing shoppers to the Springfield store because of its relaxed yet refined vibe, its ability to go from day to night, and its affordability.

“I came across it at market, found out there’s no one else selling it here and decided to put it in the shop,” Redfern says of the line. “There’s a real Boho look to it—lots of mixed textures with leather and metal—and that look is really popular right now.”

The Lizzy James company is branded after a California woman of the same name whose battle with cancer inspired her to design wearable art that celebrates strength and resilience. The collection consists of rings, earrings and bracelets, including the original wrap bracelet. Multiple styling options make it hard to resist.

Take the bracelets, for instance. They can be worn as bracelets or necklaces, and even though each one is different, you can layer them together for a totally new fashion statement every time. You can also personalize the bracelets with charms. Think Pandora but less expensive. With Lizzy James pieces starting at $30, they can be your go-to jewelry for every occasion.

“You can throw a piece on in the morning and wear it with yoga pants, leave it on to have lunch with the ladies, and then put on your evening wear and wear it at night,” Redfern says. “They’re just pieces you’re going to put on, and they’re going to look good with everything you wear.”


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