Behind the Design

417 Magazine’s creative director, Heather Kane, gets inspiration from many places, and innovative design is one of her passions. She believes even your hair brush should make a design statement. While out scouting for the magazine at 417-land boutiques an

Styled by Heather Kane Photos by Brandon Alms and Kevin O'Riley

Nov 2015


1. Stylish Sound: Amplify the sound of your smartphone without the use of electricity with the Bam Jam speaker ($14.95, The Market). Its modern design with a touch of nature not only creates the perfect sound, but it looks perfect, too. 


2. A Peek Inside: Step into the French farmhouse life of Mimi Thorisson with this beautifully photographed and designed cookbook (A Kitchen in France, $40, Brown Derby International Wine Center). The book gives a glimpse into every season with photography that captures not only delicious recipes and produce, but farmhouse life as well. 


3. Local Landmarks: Local artist Mike Myer’s minimalist bite-size paintings ($80–100 each, Fresh Gallery) give a new perspective of local buildings we probably don’t think twice about. Myer’s works are straightforward and simple, bringing modern design to old-school landmarks. 


4. Stand Out: Terrariums are cool, but this egg plant stand ($450, Obelisk Home)
is cooler. The style is art deco meets conservatory, and it is definitely a
statement piece.