How to Wear It: Blazers

Before packing up all your favorite summer fashions, try adding one of fall’s most splurge-worthy staples to the mix: the classic blazer. To pull off this look in style, three 417-land style mavens share some expert do’s and don’ts.

By Ettie Berneking | Styled by Shaun Mccaulla

Sep 2015


Do: Break the rules

“The rule of white is dead. That means you can rock white all year long. Just stay away from cotton, flowy white dresses and cropped white blazers—those will all look too summery. A longer white blazer looks more appropriate for fall.”
—Kalynn Kelley, store manager at Rodi Boutique


Don’t: Forget about color

“You can always add on a scarf to give your outfit a pop of color.”—Kelley 


Do: Mix up the color and pattern

“I’m seeing everything in terms of colors and patterns this season. Blues and navies are huge this year!”—Ginny Redfern, owner of Baglady Boutique


Do: Use a blazer to boost your wardrobe

“This one piece will double every outfit in your closet!”—Lisa O’Dell, owner of Blue Raven


Don’t: Forget your body shape

“The style of blazer you should get depends on your body shape. If you’re petite, find one that hits right below your tush. If you are a pear shape, you want one that’s cropped above your hips. If you’re apple shaped, you want a thinner material

that won’t add too much bulk.”—O’Dell


Do: Go vintage

“The vintage look never goes out of style. Pair a vintage-looking blazer with ankle denim and a pair of loafers. So cute!”—Redfern


Do: Embrace the trends

“I’m seeing lots of classic black blazers with white lapels for a tuxedo style this season.”—O’Dell 


Don’t: Get a blazer that’s too small

“It doesn’t matter what body shape you have. You should be able to button your blazer even if you don’t wear it buttoned.”—O’Dell


Do: Be wary of dress pants

“You have to be careful when you do a dress pant with a blazer. It can look frumpy if it’s not fitted correctly.”—Kelley