Private School Profiles

Private schools in Springfield, Missouri, offer individualized and challenging education in smaller classes, emphasizing community and student growth.

By Jordan Blomquist

Feb 2024

Private School Profiles
Graphic by McKenzie Robinson

Making decisions about your child’s education can be overwhelming—even moreso if you’re considering private school. Private schools offer an environment where children receive focused attention to nurture their learning styles, accompanied by a diverse range of extracurricular activities. But which one offers the kind of development opportunities for your child? There are a few options for private schools in Springfield, and 417 Magazine has compiled what they—The Summit Preparatory School, Greenwood Laboratory School, Discovery School and Springfield Catholic Schools—offer to make your decision a little easier.

The Summit Preparatory School
Photo courtesy of The Summit Preparatory School

Developing Curiosity, Creativity and Critical Thinking Skills with The Summit Preparatory School

The Summit Preparatory School

202 E. Walnut Lawn St., Springfield

The Summit Preparatory School stands as Springfield’s only full-time, fully accredited independent school. Its mission is to equip students for success by providing a progressive education with a challenging curriculum and a supportive environment.

Emphasizing hands-on, project-based learning, The Summit is committed to fostering academic excellence, embracing a holistic perspective on child development and promoting community involvement for students starting at 3 years old. At The Summit, the educational focus revolves around nurturing students’ curiosities and diving into subjects that interest them through research and hands-on projects, such as presentations, plays, dioramas and more—the possibilities are endless. The Summit also has comprehensive special programming that covers physical education, yoga, Spanish, art, music, STEM and outdoor education, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.

When it comes to athletics, The Summit is a registered member of the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA). Middle and high school sports and activities vary based on student interest and have included track, cross country, speech and debate, swimming and diving, basketball, golf, tennis and more.

The Summit aims to create life-long learners. The school celebrates its students by inviting families to view and engage with student projects, providing an opportunity for shared learning experiences. Emphasizing service learning, The Summit engages students in initiatives, like service drives for local nonprofits and an annual community service day. In essence, The Summit places a high value on supporting students’ interests and fostering active community involvement.

Greenwood Laboratory School
Photo courtesy of Greenwood Laboratory School

Civitas Discendo: Citizenship Through Learning at Greenwood Laboratory School

Greenwood Laboratory School

1024 E. Harrison St., Springfield

For over 115 years, Greenwood Laboratory School’s dedication to its students has inspired a legacy of learning. As a part of the College of Education at Missouri State University, its mission is to support Missouri State University as a laboratory of best practices in teaching and to prepare students who are knowledgeable, creative, caring and engaged citizens.

Greenwood Laboratory School offers K-12 students the advantage of academically rigorous instruction provided by teachers with Master’s, Specialist and Doctoral-level qualifications. The school is renowned for integrating state-of-the-art technology and inquiry-based learning into a small class environment. Notably, students excel in both research and public speaking. Greenwood students consistently attain the highest ACT average when compared to all local and area schools. Students are also able to enroll at MSU for college credit earned on campus concurrently.

Beyond academics, students may participate in a variety of sports at Greenwood Laboratory School, including soccer, basketball, cheerleading, golf, cross country, tennis, volleyball, baseball, track and field, swimming, dance, and archery, along with other co-curricular clubs and activities including an award-winning speech and debate team. Every year, they host the Greenwood Blue & Gold Basketball Tournament and partner with Springfield Public Schools to host the Pink & White Lady Classic Basketball Tournament.

Greenwood Laboratory School’s vision is for their students to become citizens of enhanced character who are confident in their abilities to contribute to society, sensitive to the needs of their community, committed to civic engagement and civil in their habits of thought, speech and action.

Discovery School
Photo courtesy of Discovery School

Hands-On Experience in STEM at Discovery School

Discovery School at Discovery Center and Science Sprouts at the Discovery Center Preschool 

438 E St Louis St, Springfield (Discovery School)3447 W Farm Road 168 (Science Sprouts)

Discovery School ignites curiosity and a lifelong love of learning through immersive experiences in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The school is situated within the vibrant Discovery Center of Springfield in downtown Springfield. The private school for students from pre-K to eighth grade maintains small class sizes limited to 10 students for personalized attention.

The Science Sprouts Discovery School early childhood building in Southwest Springfield specializes in the developmental needs of children ages 1-6. Featured in Forbes and Wall Street Journal, Discovery School continues to receive national recognition for its groundbreaking approach. Dubbed the most innovative school in the country, it holds the highest potential to revolutionize education and shape the future of learning.

Distinguished by a commitment to academic excellence and holistic development, Discovery School provides a nurturing and inclusive environment where students thrive. Accredited by the Missouri Nonpublic School Accrediting Association, the school adheres to the highest standards in curriculum, faculty qualifications, facilities, student support services and overall educational outcomes. Unlike conventional approaches, Discovery School tailors learning plans to each student’s readiness, enabling them to progress at their own pace. With an emphasis on individualized success, students outperform Missouri averages of grade level proficiency by 85%. Because the school doesn’t adhere to grades or grade levels, kids who learn fast can accelerate and kids who need a slower pace can decelerate and achieve academic success, too.

Discovery School redefines education. There, curiosity knows no bounds and student needs come first.

Springfield Catholic Schools
Photo courtesy of Springfield Catholic Schools

Springfield Catholic Schools: Educating Children Spiritually, Academically, Physically and Socially

Immaculate Conception, St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton, St. Agnes and Springfield Catholic High School

2340 S. Eastgate Ave., Springfield

Springfield Catholic Schools—Immaculate Conception, St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton, St. Agnes and Springfield Catholic High School—are dedicated to preparing and empowering students in an atmosphere of academic excellence, guided by the divine intervention of God. Their mission is to cultivate individuals who will be sent forth as disciples of the Catholic Faith and models of service. With a vision focused on teaching today’s youth for tomorrow’s discipleship, they are committed to educating the whole child—spiritually, academically, physically and socially.

At the heart of their educational philosophy is a balanced and traditional curriculum that fosters the development of life-long study skills and critical thinking. From preschool through high school, they emphasize teamwork, encouraging students to collaborate, solve problems and contribute meaningfully to society.

At Springfield Catholic Schools you will find:

• Classes led by experienced faculty who are focused on helping each student understand and reach their potential.
• A preparatory curriculum that develops students’ writing, research and study skills in a structured and safe environment.
• Excellent college counseling support with a focus on finding the right college or next chapter for each student.
• An emphasis on personal accountability and a schedule that challenges students to actively manage their time and education.

Springfield Catholic Schools goes beyond academics, offering a diverse range of sports and clubs to keep students actively engaged. They recognize the importance of physical activity in enhancing focus, improving behavior and fostering positive attitudes.

As a community, Springfield Catholic Schools strives to create an environment where faith, knowledge and service converge seamlessly.

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