Getaway to Buffalo, Missouri

Start the weekend off with a visit to Buffalo and to Tunas, just 23 miles north, for a day of shopping and good eats.

By Jo Jolliff

May 2022

flight of beer glasses
Photo courtesy ShutterstockStart out with some shopping and sweet treats in Tunas, then make your way to Buffalo for some delicious homemade pizza from Hip Pocket Pizza and beer from the Leaky Roof Meadery.

1. The Lead Mine Country Store

(176 State Road Yy, Tunas)

Step back in time to discover all the hidden gems in Old-Order Mennonite community Lead Mine, hidden in Tunas. Between the Lead Mine Country Store and Niangua Furniture Store (344 State Road E., Tunas), you’ll find beautifully handcrafted furniture, quilts and more. 

2.Ozark Winds Bake Shop

(502 State Road E, Tunas)
This quiet town also offers much in the way of homemade food. The Ozark Winds Bake Shop opens each year in April and quickly sells out of baked goods each Saturday. With a wide variety of other sweets made from scratch, you’ll find more than you need to fill your belly.

3. Hip Pocket Pizza Parlor

(1132 S. Ash St., Buffalo, 417-345-8649)
Rich in taste, and in history, Hip Pocket Pizza has been a vital part of the Buffalo community since 1976. Regardless of what you’re craving, Hip Pocket Pizza has something for everyone from Mexican food to sandwiches to, of course, pizza.

4. Leaky Roof Meadery

(1306 S. Azalea St., Buffalo, 417-345-1233)
This large production facility is not only one of the best spots to sample craft beers, but also to tour the taproom and learn about the long-standing history of the meadery, dating back to the Leaky Roof Railroad.

5. Dallas County Jail Hotel

(111 W. Main St., Buffalo)
Give solitary confinement a brand new meaning at this historical 1930s county jail renovated into a luxurious stay. While the space has been transformed into a luxurious hotel, it still keeps the historic reality of a jail experience in 1930 to make your stay unique and interesting.