Channel Your Inner Ree Drummond in Pawhuska, Oklahoma

From The Mercantile to P-Town Pizza to The Pioneer Woman Boarding House, you can spend a weekend treating yourself and your friends to the spoils of everything Ree Drummond.

By Jenna deJong and Katie Pollock Estes | Art Direction by Fried Design Co.

Feb 2022

The Pioneer Woman Mercantile Pawhusk, OK
Photo courtesy ShutterstockShop till you drop at The Mercantile.


P-Town Pizza

Fans of Ree Drummond (a.k.a. The Pioneer Woman) need to visit Pawhuska, Oklahoma. There, Ree’s P-Town Pizza is a must try. There you can find crispy-crusted wood-fired pizzas (the mushroom-packed What a Fun-Gi! pie sounds delish), tasty cocktails and layered desserts served in mason jars. Be sure to order the steakhouse pizza with medium-rare steak, balsamic red onions, mushrooms and peppercorn cream steak sauce.

The Pioneer Woman Mercantile in Pawhuska, OK
Photo courtesy Shutterstock
The Pioneer Woman Mercantile in Pawhuska, OK
Photo courtesy Sister Sage Co.


The Pioneer Woman Mercantile 

Stroll through The Pioneer Woman Mercantile, dedicated to all things Midwestern. Fans of The Food Network personality Ree Drummond probably have The Pioneer Woman Mercantile ( as the first item on their Pawhuska to-do list. The shopping and dining destination has that small-town charm Ree’s known for and includes a bakery, home and kitchen goods, women’s accessories and more. 


The Pioneer Woman Boarding House 

Finally, to really embody Ree, stay in The Pioneer Woman Boarding House. The cowboy luxury hotel has eight rooms to choose from, all with different themes like the Drugstore Room and The Boudoir. The hotel took nine months to renovate and includes still-in-theater movies and a complimentary wine and beer happy hour.  

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