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Best Dressed Winner: Jorge Cespedes

Get more from our interview with Best Dressed 2021 winner Jorge Cespedes.

by Krysten Muench

May 2021

Jorge Cespedes Best Dressed photo
Photo by Brandon AlmsBest Dressed winner Jorge Cespedes

Jorge Cespedes

Culinary Content Director at the Alchemedia Project at Marlin Network

417 Magazine: What three words define your personal style?
Jorge Cespedes: Sophisticated, adventurous and casual-chic. I was raised by my European family in a very classic Spanish style like you would see in Madrid and the one thing I learned is that details matter, from the quality and care of your shoes, to your accessories and the importance of matching the items with a mood that’s been carefully curated yet it looks like you just threw it together last-minute.

417: What is your favorite fashion trend right now?
J.C.: I’m so into the high-waisted pleated pants for men. They’ve brought back an old style but gave it modern cuts and thin lines.

417: Who are your fashion role models?
J.C.: My grandfather wore a suit every day of his life, no matter if he was busy or not, and he always paid attention to every detail of the ensemble. Also, my favorite guy on Instagram when it comes to fashion influences is Shaun Birley. This guy nails the outfit every single time; he helps you see what traveling in style looks like.

417: Where do you find inspiration for your closet?
J.C.: Everywhere. In the streets of major cities when I travel, on social media such as Instagram, movies and TV shows and I love looking at old pictures of my grandfather who was the best dressed man I ever met.

417: What person—public figure or private citizen—would make your best dressed list?
J.C.: Shaun Birley would be on top for sure, just for the ultimate way to travel in style. Ralph Lauren mostly because of how he completely changed the game and made [style] approachable for people. The Prince of Wales is another man who is always perfectly dressed and makes it look easy!

417: What’s your signature piece?
J.C.: My brown leather Spanish loafers.

417: If you could wear one brand or designer for the rest of your life, what would it be?
J.C.: Ralph Lauren for sure; this brand has the most perfect tuxedos as well as the best fitting jeans and sweaters out there. It can really fill your entire closet for every single style, and you would look awesome all of the time.

417: What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever worn?
J.C.: Cargo shorts.

417: Where are your favorite places to shop in 417-land?
J.C.: Town and County has great options for your more formal events.

417: What one item is on your wish list for this year?
J.C.: I’ve been wanting a new linen double breasted jacket in light brown! I’m obsessed with double breasted suit jackets.