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Greater Springfield Endodontics

The Face of Endodontics.

Jan 2021

Mark A. Massey, DDS, MSD with Greater Springfield Endodontics
Photo by Joe and a CameraMark A. Massey, DDS, MSD

Greater Springfield Endodontics has been serving 417-landers’ teeth for 16 years. We specialize in saving teeth with root canal treatment. The most modern equipment and techniques are utilized to achieve the highest possible treatment results. Root canal treatment is a highly successful method of saving a tooth that would otherwise need extraction. With a job well done, the tooth can last a lifetime. Treatment can usually be completed in one or two appointments, and contrary to popular belief, there is rarely any pain during the procedure. We hope to relieve your discomfort and put you at ease.

2808 S. Ingram Mill Rd., Springfield | 417-883-7668 | greaterendo.com

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