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The Face of Same Day Smile Restorations and Invisalign

Jan 2024

Innovative Dental in Springfield, Missouri
Photo by Heather Cherie Photography(Left) Dr. Grant Olson (Right) Dr. Taylor Jordan, DDS | Dr. Blayne Downs, DDS | Dr. Seth Gray, DDS | Dr. Megan Westrich, DDS

End the suffering and live your life to the fullest with an Innovative Implant Smile! We provide people with a custom, comfortable, convenient, state-ofthe- art alternative to dentures and costly restorative dentistry. The Innovative Implant Smile is an immediate solution that restores the upper and/or lowerteeth and is screwed in immediately (same-day) so our patients never have to leave our office without their amazing new smile. Our world-class cosmetic dentist, Dr. Grant Olson, offers several innovative full mouth restoration solutions that will transform your smile and drastically improve your quality of life!

If you have damaged and/or missing teeth, heading into dentures, or already have dentures, our Innovative Implant Smile may be the perfect choice. Innovative Implant Smiles are a full arch restoration that dramatically reduce the cost of individual implants while providing beautiful smiles that are stronger and don’t suffer from tooth decay, stain, or fracture like natural teeth. Unlike dentures, our implant smile is stable and fixed into the implants so people can live life without the worry of movement and eat all of the foods that they love while taking care of them just like natural teeth. Likewise, single-tooth implants and implant bridges are great solutions for those missing on or just a few teeth.

Trained at the prestigious Pikos Institute and the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry, Dr. Olson’s cutting- edge knowledge, extensive experience, and patented process enables him to help those with even the most complex conditions. He has placed thousands of implants and completed hundreds of full mouth implant smiles. Our Innovative Implant Smile patients smile with confidence, eat what they want, speak clearly, and live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

And because we are the most affordable option for full mouth implant dentistry, when compared to other implant options around the country, it’s clear, Dr. Olson and our Innovative Team are the best choice for these life-changing procedures.

Whether you visit our office in need of dental crowns, veneers, braces, Invisalign, or simply need your teeth cleaned, rest assured that you will receive five-star customer service. We care for you as if you are family. Our accessible location, just south of Springfield off of Highway 65 at Evans Road, offers a modern, welcoming atmosphere that will make you love going to the dentist.

Simply put, we look at dentistry differently. Our passion is to keep you “smiling for life” through innovative care and personal connection. Schedule a consultation to learn more or watch our weekly Live Implant Webinar with Dr. Olson every Thursday at 3:00 PM CT. Register at idspringfield.com/live

At Innovative Dental, our passion is to provide patients with brighter, healthier smiles through innovation. Invisalign is an innovative solution for dental alignment that offers many benefits for both teens and adults!

The benefits of Invisalign go beyond a beautiful smile. Properly aligned teeth preserve the longevity of your smile and avoid the decay and wear thatcan otherwise occur. We’re the only VIP: Platinum Plus provider in the area and have helped thousands of patients smile brighter through the use of clear aligners. We use advanced 3D digital scanners to capture digital impressions of your teeth, which improve the fit and accuracy of your Invisalign aligners, keeping the process quick and efficient. Getting straighter, healthier teeth doesn’t have to be a difficult, complicated experience. Let our team show you how simple improving your smile can be!

It has always been our goal to take care of all your dental needs in one place, making Innovative Dental a favorite among 417-landers! We want to change the way you feel about visiting the dental office. Our world class customer service and state of the art facility will have you looking forward to your appointments! Call us today and schedule your free Invisalign consultation!

6401 S. Innovation Ave., Springfield | 417-889-4746 | idspringfield.com

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